2019 GRAMMY® Nominees - Various Artists

2019 GRAMMY® Nominees - Various Artists

Various Artists

  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2019-01-25
  • Explicitness: cleaned
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 22

  • This Compilation ℗ 2019 The Recording Academy

2019 GRAMMY® Nominees - Various Artists Tracks

2019 GRAMMY® Nominees - Various Artists User Reviews

  • Crap strong arm deal

    By LisZtDesign
    I want a couple of songs. Forcing purchase of the entire album is in a word ‘malarkey.’

    By urmomsjsjsjsjs
    WHAT THE FRICC WHAT ARE THESE PEOPLE ON? XXXDDDDD imagine Cardi B winning a Grammy, an absolutely no skill rapper without any talent getting a Grammy. Disgusting, disrespectful and just straight up awful towards anyone who is talented. AND WHY ISNT X ON HERE? It’s the music not the person, the whole point of a Grammy is awarding someone’s music. And you fools go in without any detail whatsoever and do what the common 10 year old does. You know nothing about X and the legacy he holds to people who paid attention to his real life. He died changing himself, just look at the music video for “SAD!” It’s all about of him moving on to his new self. At the end of the video you can see two pieces of paper and they all talk about his change. He mentions many times in songs about his regret. No it doesn’t make beating women okay. But the fact that he was willing to change is exactly why I never look at people for their worst mistakes. Honestly the Grammys isn’t about good music it’s about the amount of people listened to it. If your an artist looking for a Grammy I would give up now because this year or next year it’ll only be awarding to political topics and then it’s just going to eventually be absolute trash. Many artist who deserve more but don’t get anything. Again if your an artist looking for a Grammy you should focus on making the music you enjoy and the music your fans enjoy.
  • Horrible

    By jflygare1998
    Apparently the Grammys want to act like now that’s what I call music by adding these crap songs!! There needs to be more diversity of music not these pop hits crap!!
  • BTS?

    By belledream
    It's really uncool not to put them in this album. Practically all of the other artists who performed had their song add to this album. Totally uncool.
  • WHERE IS BTS?!??

    By Lalalalisa_리사
    I PROTEST!! WE NEED BTS!! I know I’m very late but...still mad 😡
  • Total crap

    By TheBush2006
    This album is total crap the only decent song is rockstar
  • Why some much haters 🔥

    By PepeFace2002
    It’s fire, and you BTS fans can leave.
  • I ❤️

    By stellasweets12345
    I love the Grammys And it has Girls like you 🤯 💥 BOOM
  • Miley Cyrus’s In My Blood!?

    By A huge KH Fan
    Where is In My Blood of both Shawn and Miley Cyrus?
  • Ummm...

    By Onyx_the_Frenchie2018🤩
    The only person on this list who actually deserves a Grammy is SZA.... besides pop is terrible none of these songs are good except all the stars

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