21 Christmas Hits - Various Artists User Reviews

  • Mariah Carey isn't here???

    By just 4 color
    Where TF is MC
  • casual rip off

    By monstar246
    pretty awful ngl
  • meh

    By queenarp
    Nothing by mariah carey? someone has a grudge. the woman came out with 2 successful christmas albums and not one song was on here
  • I listen to the “samples”

    By a conserd person
    It’s not the original
  • Awesome

    By $!$!$!$!&!$!$!
    This album has all the hits and is great I will buy this in November! Thank you!
  • This is great

    By mrseanseansean
    21 songs for 6 bucks, great deal already. Plus, if you have most of the songs, can get singles off the album separate. None of that "album only" crap. 5 stars for a finally smart album.