7 - Beach House User Reviews

  • 80's New Romantic/Synth

    By Beck0la
    I like it but can't help think I've heard it before with Echo & The Bunnymen, Spandau Ballet and others from my college days in the early 80's. Still I like it, it's good!
  • 💙

    By $ismael$
    Best duet
  • Excellent!

    By Puna1
    Excellent album. They’re staying true to their sound but keep getting better!
  • Beach House are on top of their game

    By gdaddypurp420
    Wanted to give it a few months to really let this album soak in. They continue to innovate their sound while still having that traditional Beach House tone. This album is a 10/10 for me. Incredible production. There isn’t a single song that isn’t good on this album. Truly a masterpiece. Victoria and Alex have done it again. Buy this album ASAP.
  • I love it

    By Ferndale444
    I didn’t know these guys existed, I thought they were Geowolf which is a good band too... but, I accidentally picked this up, 2 days later I have all of their Music .... Arctic Monkeys Alexandra Savior and Beach House... That’s what I’m all about!
  • Speechless

    By frankx13
    This band.....Beachful bliss

    By marty noel
    Not as biting asTHANK YOUR LUCKY STARS,but ,nevertheless a quality album of spacey spaced-out songs on a synthesizer high in a GOTH WORLD 🌎 OF THEIR OWN.with a SUBLIMINAL MESSAGE THAT IS EVER BUBBLING TO THE TOP YET .................NEVER QUITE MAKES IT.EVEN AS THEY GET CLOSER AND CLOSER..............TO ITS ACTUALIZATION.PROGRESS BABY PROGRESS...................... MARTY NOEL AKA;M.N.REVOLUTION ROCK JUNE,8,2018
  • Best Beach House album yet

    By Born to Synthesize
    This is their best, IMO. The songs and the production are much better than anything they've done previously. Some of the songs on their previous albums were kind of weak, but this album is consistently good. I've been playing this pretty much continuously in my car for the last week or so.
  • The Richest Album This Year

    By Gay John
    Beach House is one of those bands that you will never forget the first time you heard them. With each album they seem to twist, turn, strip and morph beauty into another dimension. I cannot give you a true vision of what you will experience with this album, but I can tell you that with each listen, I become a better person. With each listen, I feel like I am stripping away layers that have only held me down. Dream Pop at it's best. Seriously. Worth every single penny. Do it!
  • I love that

    By emtsd
    someone posted that Alex and Victoria are their parents like it’s true. Absolutely hilarious. Another great album! Beach House never disappoints.