A Charlie Brown Christmas (Expanded Edition) - Vince Guaraldi Trio User Reviews

  • Destroys me every time.

    By Another Beatles Listener
    This — whatever the format or corresponding terminology — is, within my own multi-media collection, the only Album reflecting my continuing interest AND optimism toward a Great Day, upon which I might feel able to converse somewhat knowledgeably on some aspect of the subtleties of Jazz. And should music not make us feel thus Welcomed to the Table? Meanwhile, this is not my only Christmas Album . . . merely my Favorite. That’s all; my Favorite Christmas Album; for life. Wow. And presumably my Favorite Jazz Album for life; always to be my tremendous welcome into the genre, at the very least. Wow. And certainly, for life, among my Top Ten Albums by Anyone . . . right there beside the Beatles and, perhaps, no one else soon.
  • Best Christmas album

    By SmokeMB
    This is, in my opinion, the best Christmas album ever made. Love the jazzy touch to many of the songs, none of which are tacky like many Christmas songs can be. The arraignments are beau. Also, the nostalgic feeling Peanuts fans will feel when listening to this album makes it even more worth it.
  • Am I

    By Scentsy in Atlanta
    Am I the only one that feels like doing the peanuts dance when that song come on
  • Love it

    By Jazzman30
    Love the simple but strong tunes from Charlie Brown. What a way to get into the Christmas spirit.
  • The best Christmas album out there!

    By MC5EVP
    I think our generation (born in 81) was the last to truly experience the Peanuts Holiday specials. This music instantly transports me to my childhood, and I am so thankful this music exists for me to listen to. I think this album is a must own for anyone and everyone! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays 2018!!
  • Purchase of Charlie Brown music

    By Mumchkin grom
    I purchased this as a ringtone and never recieved it. My ringtone is still the one I get for free. I want this rectified. You got your money now I want my ringtone. This is the second time I have let you know this.
  • Must have!

    By Kaf70
    A classic album. Have to have it.
  • Wonderful

    By Zincrific
    I can’t start Christmas without listening to this album endlessly. Wonderful smooth jazz with Christmas spirit.

    By hoggms
    My family and I have been listening to this album 24/7 every single holiday season for as long as I can remember.
  • Such Memories...

    By keebosr
    This sounds as fresh in 2017 as it did when I awaiting the annual broadcast of the Charlie Brown Christmas special on CBS. It takes me back to a simpler time when things seemed 'normal'. I'm not sure that is normal any more but it just brings my childhood back to life even if for only a while. Whether a Charles Schultz / Peanuts fan or not, this is just an outstand jazz compilationi too. As others have said, this is a must-buy.