A Passion For Piano - Volume 1 - Robin Alciatore User Reviews

  • Not recommended

    By bananaleaf
    I didn't really enjoy this album work. Some of the songs have rather large silence gaps at the end. There are many technicality problems with this album. Also it seems like the performance is not her best. generally not recommended
  • Great Skill

    By Scott-Turner
    I thoroughly enjoyed this album. My only major disappointment was the Revolutionary Etude. The tempo at which she played it was a bit slow, a few notes were non-existant, and overall I don't think she played the piece with the emotion and ferocity that Chopin would have wanted. Other than this, I found Robin Alciatore's "Passion For Piano" beautiful and exquisite.
  • Clarity of playing

    By Classical Royal Roads
    Ms. Alciatore's clarity of playing is wonderful, and I especially like her interpretations of the Schubert Serenade and of the Chopin Fantasie Impromptu. The second reviewer is correct, the Minute Waltz is complete, but includes a 1 minute 37 second silent section after the last note. The other tracks that also have dead air tacked onto the end are Nos. 1, 8, 9, and 12. I successfully removed these empty portions using Quicktime Pro. On a separate point, I had trouble getting the first piece to play in iTunes. I had to e-mail the file to myself, then import it into iTunes, and it played fine after that. I'll look to find other recordings by her.
  • Minute Waltz Is Perfect!

    By CB750
    The other reviewer is incorrect. The Minute Waltz does not stop in the middle. There is some "dead air" at the end, for whatever reason. This is a great version of this famous waltz!
  • STOPS!~!

    By Youknowitnow
    The Chopin minute waltz is a waste, it stops right in the middle and you can't hear anything more. Do not buy this song off this album!!