A Very Special Christmas - Various Artists User Reviews

  • One of the GREATEST

    By B Jennings
    This album is worth whatever price-tag placed on it simply for Madonna singing Santa Baby ... her one and only X-Mas song and it’s BRILLIANT
  • People need to grow up

    By ACEFlammable06
    For people that are giving one stars you need to grow up this album is a classic so I don’t know why your rating it one star.
  • Incredible

    By Lukeygaga
    Madonna and Stevie Nicks <3
  • I Wish....

    By CrimHwk
    I wish that this listing of Bon Jovi's "I Wish Everyday Could Be Like Christmas" was "I Wish Everyday Could Be Like Christmas" and not "Back Door Santa". Nothing against "Back Door Santa"... just an appreciation for truth in advertising.
  • Wrong Bon Jovi song!

    By Picklesmaroon
    I’ve owned this for years but the album lists the Bon Jovi song as “I Wish Everyday Could Be Like Christmas” and it’s not the right song anymore! How does that just change and the title stays the same? When you press play, the song that plays is “Back Door Santa”. I’m so disappointed because this is the only album Apple carries that’s supposed to have the song!
  • U2 Baby Please Come home single

    By Msi777
    I bought it a while back and now I can’t access; now I gotta but the whole album?! C’mon ...
  • What happened?

    By rlk814
    I was able to purchase single songs previouly, now I want to add another song or two and I have to buy the entire album and have duplicates? It doesn't even allow "Complete my album" option.
  • I just want one song

    By MitchieTIsMe
    Make just the u2 song available for single purchase please
  • My childhood

    By Me6252728481618393037262
    This is my favorite album of all time!!!! I went to sleep listening to it thanksgiving night until the new year ever year growing up!!!!