Above It All - Phillips, Craig & Dean User Reviews

  • Dove Award

    By devdean13
    Inspirational album of the year. Enough said. Great record fellas. Keep them coming and ignore the negativity!
  • Great Job

    By Sttmissouri
    You guys are great! Another hit album. Thank you so much for your uplifting music. Can't wait for the next. God Bless you!
  • Love the new pop sound! Jesus is beaming proud:)

    By Twichmer
    I LOVE PCD!!! Ultimately this is ALL about Jesus. PCD does another beautiful job of spreading the gospel thru the lyrics and their inspiring BEAUTIFUL sound. The presence of God fills the room when they start singing praises to our king. Gives me big goosebumps every time:) Just a tiny glimpse of how awesome Heaven will be when the Angels sing. Another MUST HAVE!!
  • Best Album

    By Royaldaisey
    Love the Upbeat Music. This album has lifted my spirits and given me hope. PCD will always be one of my favorite music groups!
  • can can can

    By Johnny the house
    This is the most canned music i have ever heard p c and d sold their original souls to canned churchanity music!!!!!!!
  • PCD keeps it new and fresh

    By Geedub1976
    I understand that PCD has done a lot of covers recently. But for people like myself that have followed PCD for years may not have listened to these songs they have covered by other artists. I like the production and the recent producers they have used. I feel they keep reinvented their music and even though they have been around for a long time they try to keep things relevant. Dan Dean is one of the most talented singers in my humble opinion. I always love hearing that a new record is coming out by PCD. Great jobs guys!
  • What speaks to you...

    By Rockvon
    It's all in what ministers to you. If you are moved by the message in the songs then it's a success.
  • Songs For Jesus!

    By fishin4JESUS
    Whats with all the negative comments. They didn't write these songs for you, but for God. This is a Great Worship Album. Thats what this is, Worship songs. These aren't songs for our enjoyment but these songs Honor and Praise God and that's what is Most Important! Love listening to this album.
  • Sometimes Retiring is needed...

    By B-cent
    I work at a Christian Radio Station and really struggle whenever we play new music by PC&D because it is often really bad covers of great songs, go buy the originals and leave this album alone cause it needs to be undone. Honestly I was never a fan of theirs but this makes me wonder why anyone is.
  • This is not the PCD I grew up with...

    By SeminoleWill
    What happened to the creativity fellas? Miss the original music...

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