AMERICA - Thirty Seconds to Mars User Reviews

  • Consumer Don’t know what they want

    By Lonnie Ray Sykes
    I’m enjoying this album in its entirety . It’s fresh and brilliant. We say want they same thing in the last album but are disappointed when it feels or sound the same. This group is maturing and truly knows how to create music. Now I’m not a fan of the choice of art cover. I just don’t understand it. I would of preferred a picture of the band but I can always manually modify it. But it does not effect the music. To the artist of 30 Seconds. You did not let down. Great product and God Bless.
  • Not the best, but not the worst

    By 😘🖐😬👡😍
    They changed their sound, most definitely, but thats not all bad. I really like the change
  • no more pop

    By Gryffindor_64
    this pop music is absolute garbage... come on guys...
  • F**k interscope

    By Rec+v3ry
    They are ruining 30 seconds to mars but i look at this album as a turn to electro like many alternative bands who have done this but i hope they are not gonna repeat the same mistake with next album
  • 😒😒😒😒😒😒

    By bella fond
    Really 30 seconds to Mars you guys haven’t put in album out in 4 years and this is what we get I’m sorry but a big waist not the same as there old stuff
  • What Happened?

    By DJ PHUNone
    So I guess 30 Seconds to Mars is no longer a rock band and they jumped on the pop rap bandwagon. Extremely disappointing. Wish I didn’t waste my time even previewing this garbage.
  • Please come back...

    By Dersarkissian
  • Opinion

    By LiboTang88
    For the person who says this is what happen when you start acting my answer to you is this… He meaning Jared was an actor long before he was a singer. Artists are always going to change and evolve what’s the world and do what makes them happy. It’s not always about catering to everyone.
  • Death of a rock band

    By David bham
    I was so looking forward to this album. We all know things evolve but they shouldn’t have to deteriorate! This destroys the cult following !
  • SELL OUTS!!!

    By GavinSyme1
    Is this 30 Seconds To Mars or 30 Seconds To Jared Leto? This sounds completely like a solo project. No band sound at all! Needs more songs like Fallen or Battle Of One...There is way too much autotune. This is just another uninspired lazy pop album like everything else today...if you’re looking for something new, listen to Greta Van Fleet, Highly Suspect, or Red Sun Rising. If you want Thirty Seconds To Mars, just listen to their other albums.

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