AMERICA - Thirty Seconds to Mars User Reviews

  • Death of a rock band

    By David bham
    I was so looking forward to this album. We all know things evolve but they shouldn’t have to deteriorate! This destroys the cult following !
  • SELL OUTS!!!

    By GavinSyme1
    Is this 30 Seconds To Mars or 30 Seconds To Jared Leto? This sounds completely like a solo project. No band sound at all! Needs more songs like Fallen or Battle Of One...There is way too much autotune. This is just another uninspired lazy pop album like everything else today...if you’re looking for something new, listen to Greta Van Fleet, Highly Suspect, or Red Sun Rising. If you want Thirty Seconds To Mars, just listen to their other albums.
  • Um...

    By Lego Warriors
    the title "AMERICA" is WAY better than "The new album,” but did you really have to put sex position names on the album? Just saying... Everyone would say that they liked the “30 seconds to mars” album a LOT more, and I don’t blame them. every time I listen to the preview for “Rescue Me,” It makes me grimace. At this point if you said I was listening to The Chainsmokers or Diplo I would 100% believe you. At this point I’ve edited this review a trillion times, and I start feeling better about the album.
  • Can’t get enough of this album

    By Patty23236
    Great music vocals amazing loving this entire album song featuring Halsey best song ever I absolutely love it LOVE IS MADNESS ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • Sounds like...

    By Spurlz
  • Love the Message

    By FireMaster001
    I love the meanings behind the songs, but please, I love the rock, and the pop just feels like a plea for money.
  • Weren't These Guys A Rock Band?

    By patzivota
    Not feeling it. I miss the overdriven guitars and drum fills.
  • AMAZING❤️❤️❤️

    By ar1028
    This is such a great album all the music in it are fantastic👌😍I give a 100%❤️
  • No more pop

    By Grayson50
    They were good when it was rock
  • Great

    By JonathanLrObSoN
    They made a great comeback in my opinion! Glad they’re back and sharing they’re talents!!👍👍

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