AMERICA - Thirty Seconds to Mars User Reviews

  • No more pop

    By Grayson50
    They were good when it was rock
  • Um...

    By Lego Warriors
    the title "AMERICA" is WAY better than "The new album,” but did you really have to put sex position names on the album? Just saying... Everyone would say that they liked the “30 seconds to mars” album a LOT more, and I don’t blame them. every time I listen to the preview for “Rescue Me,” It makes me grimace. At this point if you said I was listening to The Chainsmokers or Diplo I would 100% believe you. At this point I’ve edited this review a trillion times, and I start feeling better about the album
  • Great

    By JonathanLrObSoN
    They made a great comeback in my opinion! Glad they’re back and sharing they’re talents!!👍👍
  • Love this one!

    By LMW Tn86
    Huge fan, and love the evolving sound. Change can be good and refreshing!
  • Go Mars!

    By Joviroxx
    People can bash this album all they want but there are quite a few great songs! No it’s not the hard edgy rock that we know & love from them but it’s not bad either. I love each album in its own way, I prefer the harder stuff with lots of guitars but they evolve & that what keep it interesting. I’ve seen them live many times & the shows are amazing! Can’t wait for the next album, hope it’s not 4 years from now!😉❤️

    By LolitaMoonscar
    I just saw them in Tampa and I am so proud of them. Their music is not only inspiring, but its hopeful and brings a surge of impact. This album speaks volumes and defies all of their previous albums because of the political climate. I pre-ordered this album months ago and as usual, they never disappoint. Naming this AMERICA was the greatest decision and again, I couldn't be more proud of them as a loyal Echelon. I love you guys. Cheers to the future of Mars. P R O V E H I T O IN A L T U M
  • Absolutely Terrible

    By BMac19844
    Not even 1 single rock song. Was 1 too much to ask for?
  • 30 Seconds No More

    By JohnnyKenway
    I never thought this would happen to this band.
  • Freakin ❤️ Them!!!!

    By Mr Anthony
    Jared & Shannon like always u nailed it 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽
  • love it!!!

    By jessyj1629
    Can’t stop listening!