AMERICA - Thirty Seconds to Mars User Reviews

  • It’s new!

    By GEB81
    To all of you looking for a remake of This Is War, get with the times. It’s been 10 yrs and the band has continued to evolve. This Is War was as far different from the debut album, TSTM, as America is from This Is War. This album has rock, electronic, pop, and artsy music while taking you on a journey. If you want to hear This Is War, fine, go listen to it again. For the rest of us that appreciate TSTM for what they are, this is a really good album!
  • meh

    By xeldomx2
  • Sorry But No!

    By Bpp74
    All I can say is REALLY?!?! LAME AF
  • The best one yet...

    By Bostongirl1420
    To me, this album is the best one to date. An edgier, but more mature, sound. Rescue Me and Walk on Water are 2 of my favorites, but I like all of them. And, it's not supposed to be rock, and the name of the album doesn't matter - the only thing that does is the music.
  • Not Bad

    By Jude_813
    Kind of miss the old rock/alternative style but like the new upbeat style👍sounds good
  • Amazing

    By Papicholo1997
  • Not rock ...

    By tinytina5
    Wow... this is the worst album from 30 Seconds To Mars. How is this considered alternative rock?? If you’re in need of a nap, just listen to this album. There is zero energy, and no real music. It’s sad.
  • Every single song is dope!!!

    By FFWFY22
    Must buy! Love every song.
  • Great Modern Rock Album

    By The Unsilenced
    Not everyone is going to love this one. It's more etherial, epic and chill. That being said, love it.
  • Great Album: unique sound & awesome collaborations

    By thecrwng7
    This album is full of fantastic work, experimental synth mixing with the likes of Zedd, and well-blended featured artists like Halsey. The lyrics are honest and heartfelt, and while it isn't your run of mill "rock," the feel of this album is both progressive and moving. Leto's vocals are impressive as usual (in Great Wide Open, in particular), and his collaboration with other artists, no matter how subtle, makes every song interesting. If you're a 30 Seconds to Mars fan then naturally, you'll love this like the rest; but if you aren't, now's a good time to start.

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