Anon. - Hands Like Houses User Reviews

  • Don't listen to the haters!

    By Hawaiian Lion55
    Personally I am in love with this album! I think it's easily their best one to date! Who cares if it's more radio friendly? The songs are catchy and they draw you in. You'll be hooked if you listen a few times. Trust me and ignore the haters!!!
  • 😍

    By _ccitunes
    Outstanding, HLH’s best by far!
  • What is this

    By ColonelTittiez
    Besides like 3 songs (maybe) this album is trash compared to your others. I actually had to look up if the lead singer changed cause it didn’t even sound like him in a few songs. This isn’t you guys and this isn’t why I consider you my current favorite band. Completely different style from the music I originally fell in love with. Deleting the album.
  • Great

    I don't get the hate on this album. Admittedly it took me a second listen thru to apreciate it like I do, but this is some great song writing and it fits nice in the album catalog for me.
  • Disappointed

    By RockHard4Life
    Dissonants was an amazing record start to end. This one is not nearly as good. There are only 3-4 good songs. HLH are at their best when they rock hard; they got away from that too often on this record.
  • Disappointed

    By post-hardcore fan
    Love ALL of their other albums. This is a big departure. Similar to what happend with Sleeping With Sirens. Gone are the driving beats and songs that feel constantly in motion. It's not even that it's bad, it's just not what I want from Hands Like Houses.
  • Disappointed :/

    By Wolf9518
    At least I have their older albums and of couple good ones on this album but I’m sorry I’m very disappointed in 80% of this album:( what happened guys
  • 👍🏽

    By Miss.Liss<.3
    It’s very different from what they’ve done before but I still appreciate it. People need to chill out.
  • Another great album

    By Balob
    I just absolutely love the lead singers voice. I’ll be adding this to my workout playlist.
  • Severe disappointment

    By TheRealEllipsis
    Their last album was so amazing, a perfect mix of heavy and heartfelt. This album is straight up radio rock, as another reviewer put it. Reminds me a lot of the fall of Linkin Park. What's even more disappointing is that their first new single "Drift", which didn't even end up on the album, was heavy and powerful and gave us hope that the next album would be equally as strong and moving as the last. Big miss, HLH.