ARTPOP - Lady Gaga User Reviews


    By hausofellis
    AMAZING! 💖
  • Perfeito

    By Manaiabaisn
    Amo muito! Melhor album
  • Another great album

    By angelathewriter
    I haven't bought this album yet but I am going to. Not sure why they say this album "flopped" it's really good....definitely more of a hard pop sound - kind of a blend of her Born This Way album and The Fame Monster but more dance. Applause is great - manicure - great - G.U.Y - and Art Pop. She is truly an amazing artist that is hard to find these days - especially a female artist who composes/writes her own songs and not only does she have the voice but she can do a lot with it - and she has personality. She does her thing and it works. I love that I can hear her influences in her music - 60's, 70's 80's etc. it's all in there in all her albums but yet it's all her sound
  • What a mess!

    By joancrawford04
    This was the death of Gaga’s career. Game over!
  • Fantastic

    By Eddie Gimeno
    Absolutely perfect!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • Love Gaga

    By 汪汪汪好戏
    This album is just amazing!!!!
  • Omg yasss

    By Khazimm
    Yasss mother monster 💕
  • Best album of 2013!!! 👍👍👍👍👍

    By Jsa1192
    But I got the explicit version it just sounds better without the bleeping & ect plus there really isn't that much bad langue & the langue used isn't that bad I general but that's my opinion of course! :) I love all 15 tracks & even after a year of it being out I still listen to it constantly! I'm so happy she's working on a new album that should be here within the next year or two I will be waiting patiently & listening to this & all her previous albums until then! 😊❤️😎✌️
  • Amazing

    By RivRimErt
    Gypsy,MANiCURE and Aura are some of her most amazing songs off the album including Venus which she produced her self. Just an amazing album. Long live ARTPOP.
  • Perfect

    By I.m.a.d
    Best album