Astute Intuition (E. Slye Presents Lawrence Owens) - Lawrence Owens User Reviews

  • Well Worth The $

    By AmoraFati
    Lawrence Owens definitely represents his the people's kind of humor, I give this comedic album 5 stars! Well worth my $9.99 💯👌🏾
  • Hilarious...5 stars!

    By Torie705
    This is so funny!! Lawrence has a way of making you feel uncomfortable and making you laugh at the same time! His work makes you consider a different perspective in life.
  • This guy is the truth!

    By Shazam_235
    Funniest truth you will ever hear!! Highly recommend everyone check out this comedy album!!!!! Lawrence is bringing back the significance of comedy albums with this project..
  • Great

    By TishaE3
    I needed this laughter. I really enjoyed it. Very funny man.