Away from the World (Deluxe Version) - Dave Matthews Band User Reviews

  • Their Only Bad Album

    By Alucard_33
    From top to bottom, this album is a lame duck. Nothing jumps out, nothing with some really good, upbeat feel-good energy. What a disappointment this was.
  • Missing LeRoi

    Man, you can tell that Moore is missing from the song writing. There's good melodies but they weren't used to the best potential in my opinion. Some songs feel like they were just pasted together to try and seem unique but they just sound confusing. "Busted Stuff" also was a bit mellow but the subtlety magnified the songs like "grace is gone", digging a ditch", "captain", "busted stuff". Just greatly written songs. The only song i can groove to on this album is "if only". Knowing them as musicians, i hope they come back stronger.
  • I’ve heard better from this band

    By Southern Joe Blow
    There is one good song on this release. Just one.
  • AWESOME!!!!!

    By Sentiil
    Totally blown away!!! I love this sooo much. Dave Mathews is my very favorite artist. Everything he creates is fantastic:)
  • Stop Hating

    By steveirv53
    Ya it's different then they're older stuff, but stop whining .. DMB wishes you looked like you did in 1996 also.
  • Great!

    By Austinpedro
    Love this album and it's a great addition to the collection
  • Not great

    By Joe - Oregon
    Not that great of an album!
  • Away from the World

    By shocker jedi master
    Not my favorite but its growing on me.
  • I accept this change

    By JELB7
    I've been a fan of DMB for a long time and have every one of their albums. This new one is very different from the old hits, and for the once-college-kid fans this is a huge disappointment. I think what the problem is is that they can't accept their idle changing his ways, and I understand that, but to say that the band is dead is an ENORMOUS overstatement. This album isn't the band's classic stuff, but it's still great for what it is! Broken Things, If Only, and Mercy all get many listens from me, and Drunken Soldier is so epic that I listen to it everyday multiple times. If you really love Dave and the gang, accept the changes they make and support them until the end. I know I will be
  • pretty good

    By JPD600
    wish I could've heard something on this as good as Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King, still good! 7/10

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