Battle Lines - Bob Moses User Reviews

  • On repeat!

    By russemeg
    I absolutely love this album. I've had it on repeat since it was released. I love that they didn't stray away from their sound. I actually love this album as much as Days Gone By, which I thought would be impossible. Definitely recommend!
  • Heaven Only Knows is good

    By ShatteredX
    The rest is just meh.
  • Great Album !

    By RadoJosh
    Really like how every song seems well put together. Feel the lyrics in unison with the beats, excellent! I never usually like whole albums but I can honestly say this one was well worth it, great job guys.
  • Wow.

    By Steph11758
    These guys are heckin amazing.
  • The future is bring for this group.

    By CrackedEye
    Bob Moses is a refreshingly different group amoungst a deteriorated soup of cookie cutter pop songs. Their music hooks you right in and makes you want to dance without making you feel like you're at club. There are some emotions sensed here and I can't help but feel like it hypnosis. Can't wait to see them live!
  • wow!

    By Zabinosh
    i really love this record! 10/10
  • Long time fans of Bob Moses will be satisfied

    By brunetteaphrodite
    Bob Moses will certainly not be everyone's cup of tea. Their music is dark, mellow, and easy listening. It's because of this that BM has risen to become my favorite band over the last 2 years. Just last night I was listening to this album again while driving home and I fell in love (again). Every song, as others have said, is beautiful in its own way. Tom's voice is so soft, soothing, and stunning and against Jimmy's beautiful beats/melodies, it's a win-win. What I love most about this album as opposed to their prior ones is that each song has a direction. There are more lyrics than there are long periods of just dancy beats. It's a wonderful album overall and I'm so glad to be supporting these guys. They deserve all of their success. They are such humble men and are down to Earth. Can't wait to see them live this week!
  • Lol

    By mcgin 73
    I’d rather watch grass grow
  • Album of the year....PERIOD

    By Saintnowhere
    The guys have hit full stride with Battle Lines. Each song is so unique and powerful. The dark undertones are ever present and I’ve not heard a better album in any genre recently. This is what a musical masterpiece sounds like.
  • Amazing!!!!

    By Maria_004
    This is so underrated. Beautiful mix of soft vocals and music. So calming and soothing.