Beautiful Lumps of Coal - Plumb

Beautiful Lumps of Coal - Plumb


  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2003-03-25
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 12

  • ℗ 2003 Curb Productions, Inc.

Beautiful Lumps of Coal - Plumb Tracks

Beautiful Lumps of Coal - Plumb User Reviews

  • Terrific

    By phinny5608
    Truly a work of art. Definitely recommended. Would be awesome to have the Boys Don't Cry video on here, too.
  • LOVE IT, but not the others...

    By All the Nicknames have been taken!!!!
    I love this Plumb, but I listened to some of her other songs/albums, newer ones, and they're not as good! I love Free, Sink n' Swim, Boy's Don't Cry, and Walk Away! : )
  • Plumb Rocks!

    By Buckeye Jon
    Without a doubt, Plumb is simply incredible. First, her voice is amazingly pure and beautiful. Then there is the music; it touches the soul at times, and just plain rocks at others. The depth of her lyrics is equal to that of Jennifer Knapp, Flyleaf, and the late, great Rich Mullins, though her style is not quite like any of theirs. Finally, Plumb has class. Watch the video for "Sink n' Swim" and you will see one of the most beautuful women in the world simply singing into a microphone, wearing a beautiful and respectable dress. She could easily sell her music with sexuality, but being a Christian, that is far beneath her. And she doesn't need to use her looks to sell her music anyway. She is simply talented, far more so than any of the sexed-up, low-talent, voice-synthisized pop-tarts out there today. And though every Plumb CD is awesome, this one is my favorite. God bless you, Plumb. And thank you for sharing your talents.
  • It takes time...

    By A Competent Musician
    When I first heard this album six years ago, I didn't get it. Granted, I was a middle-school aged student, but even the songs I liked, I didn't really understand. As I have matured, though, my understanding of these songs have changed. These are well-written and, in some cases, stunning songs. My favorite songs are "Taken" and "Boys Don't Cry". Don't fool yourself, though, they're all good. Just don't expect to be able to "get" this album in one listen. Give it some time, and if needed, set it aside and listen to it again after you mature.
  • Another Great Plumb Pick!

    By AllyoftheRain
    After I fell in love with Chaotic Resolve I ran out to look for Plumb's previous albums and this is the one I found. True, it's not the same sound. It's never the same sound with Plumb... but really that's what I like about her. She can pull off any style and still strike straight through to the heart. My favorite songs off this CD are "Sink 'n Swim", "Unnoticed", and "Boys Don't Cry".
  • Plumb's different side... and it is great!

    By TheSoneLife
    From the reviews i had read they said that this was very popish, so at first i was like okay plumb sings alot of rock, would pop be good? So after a while i finally bought the cd, actually i bought it yesterday, and i was not disappointed. Free 4.5/5 - Not a bad way to start of an album Sink 'n Swim 5/5 - A very beautiful Song and a very good love song Without You 10/5 - One of the best songs on the album, i think it is basically telling that Without God we are nothing, we need him! Boys Don't Cry 10/5 - Another beautiful song, starts off balladish, then to a nice rockish tune, well done! Hold Me 10/5 - Once again another song that is behond great, love the Rock! Walk Away 5/5 - Very good tune! it is kinda sad but that is okay it still is a great song Taken 10/5 - I really like this one very powerful! Nice, Naive and Beautiful 4.5/5 - Very cute song! she sings it with her son Unnoticed 10/5 - This is one of my favorites on her album Real 10/5 - This is another one of my favorites, this song is so true to women wanting to look just like the celebrities these days Love'em & Kiss'em 5/5 - Just a cute little speaking of Tiffany and her son Go 5/5 - This song is a very good way to end an album, a great slow song! I hope if you read this that you will buy this Album, I recommend it, but i also strongly recommend her Chaotic Resolve Album too, not to mention her others
  • her voice is amazing, but...

    By jkimsc
    I hate to give bad reviews, but... this is another case of someone with an amazing voice, but somewhere it just went wrong. The first 1:57 of 'Boys Don't Cry' is such a good song... but then it abruptly turns into a rock song. Why? That just completely ruined the song. I can only hope that they make some kind of remix version of the song.
  • COOL

    By BritishFreak
    I like this album. First she sounds like Imogen Heap and now her voice is softer along with the music. It has a great meaning and beat. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Best All Around...

    By joyfulnoise
    This album was soothing, makes you think and you can relate to it. Tiffany is a great person whose music only replicates what's in her heart. Looking forward to the new album due out in February 2006
  • Great Album Worth Buying!

    By amandamartinez
    I love this album! All the songs are so great musically and lyrically! Of course, I am a big fan of Plumb! I can't wait till their new one comes out! My favorite songs are Sink 'n' Swim and Boys Don't Cry. Sink 'n' Swim offers hope when you feel you're failing, or just need reassurance that you're not alone. And Boys Don't Cry is full of emotion and you can easily relate to the narrator's heart.