Bela y Sus Moskitas Muertas - Beatriz Luengo User Reviews

  • In complete love!

    By Ohliiiii
    Unique awesome sound with amazing lyrics! Me enamore y lo compre :)
  • Súper Beatriz

    By Ceferino jr
    Cada canción tiene una historia y me gusta tu estilo urbano . Love U
  • WoW!!!!

    By stitch1982
    Luv her eres única!!! :)
  • Espectacular!

    By Keys2113
    Me gusto una cancion q salia en la radio, busque quien la cantaba era alguien q no habia conocido la anteriormente. Al ponerme a escuchar algunas de sus otras canciones he terminado bajando el CD completo! Me encanta su voz, y su lirica y su musica es muy pegajosa.
  • In Love...

    By nah-tah-lee
    I happened to be listening to my free video itunes downloads when I came upon her music video (I hardly listen to the free music I download). I liked the catchy song and looked to listen to more from her. Wow....I purchased the album this morning and I'm in LOVE with this album that I HAD to write a review. I feel very connected to this style of music, it incorporates all the genres I love and even hints the love of nature in one of her songs for the tree hugger part in me. Poetry to music is throughout the album as, love, love it! I feel like this album was written just for me with almost all the arrangements being so genious! I feel weird for feeling so excited about an album but it's that amazing. Buy and support!!!
  • Y sus palabras son verdaderas joyas

    By amigaennyc
    Gracias por esta tema y sonido, bendices. I like this recording, mucho y mas en Nueva York.
  • Algo NUEVO =)

    By JJaramillo
    Jamas habia escuchado a esta artista y que bien que la encontre! Recomiendo este album vale la pena :)
  • A-M-A-Z-I-N-G

    By Heymuriel
    She is the reason why I love music so much. One of the most fun and fresh album I ever had the chance to hear. Her voice is beautiful. The best album she made so far.
  • Fresh new music

    By Glen from MIA
    Really enjoyed listening to this CD, You can tell she is just starting because her music is sincere and to her style. She reminds a little of when Shakira started, love Shakira but actually think she has a better voice. Wish there were more artists like her and not so much of the commerical hype we hear now.
  • Javo

    By Javoroce
    one of the best albums that i have listened to, all the songs are amazing.