Believe - Natalie Grant User Reviews

  • Was looking for a more Christ centered CHRISTmas Album

    By NEPatsgrl
    Let the world sing about Santa
  • Santa?

    By Head Nodding Christian
    Very talented and awesome voice. But as a Christian first, are we still lying to the kids Natalie? Come on, all the beautiful Christmas songs out there, and you sold out? Let's keep Jesus as the reason....
  • I Believe

    By MattieBart
    There are only so many ways Christmas songs can be remade, remixed, and redone. Not only does this CD bring some new twists to the favorites, the title song "I Believe" makes me stop and listen. It is not just background Christmas music- it is an instant classic! Extremely well done!
  • Jesus Loves You

    By Jesus Died For You
    Natalie Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
  • Natalie takes Christmas to a whole new level!

    By KAnnDel
    I don't own many Christmas albums, but Natalie's is one of my favorites! Her soulful sound shines on songs like "What Christmas means to me" and "Santa Claus is Coming to Town". My two favorite tracks aren't pop numbers though..they're both ballads! The title track has got to be one of the best original Christmas songs of the past few years and her "Silver Bells/Savior Came for Me/O Holy Night" medley will leave you speechless by the end! Her incredible vocal prowess and passion add something great to the season!
  • Lovely Album!

    By 88forhim
    I absolutely LOVE her voice! I Believe touches my heart everytime I hear it! The secular music is whismical and enjoyable, just as is should be. The traditional carols are very poignant and touching, becoming more true worship than just another Christmas song. Personally, Believe and her rendition of What Christmas Means to Me are my favorites!
  • Natalie

    By Sugarcin7
    Incredible.. especially "I Believe" WOW!!!
  • Natalie Grant

    By KarateGirl4Jesus
    Natalie Grant has an amazing voice. The song I Believe has beautiful lyrics. Anyway, if you like this CD check out her album Awaken. It is incredible. I also like her version of Santa Claus is Coming to Town.
  • Not very original

    By shaqne
    If you have Mariah Carey's Christmas album, you'll find that Natalie's seasonal offering is either a direct copy or a secret tribute to the arrangements on Mariah's album, specifically "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" and "O Come all Ye Faithful." Even some vocal licks are a carbon copy of MC's. Natalie is a great singer, but thsis album gives you the feeling you've heard these songs before, and not just the titles. Maybe that's because we have...
  • I Believe

    By mrsleahgeorge
    This is not my favorite Christmas album, but I will say that Natalie can SING!! There are a few songs that I wish she'd just go ahead and sing a little stronger, but the title track is one of the most powerful Christmas songs I've ever heard. Just by saying, "I believe in a cross- I believe He came for one, He came for all..." we find the true meaning of Christmas. That God wrapped in flesh came to die for us in spite of all of our failures. Christmas lives in me...

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