Beulah - John Paul White User Reviews

  • Amaze ballz!

    By Tatabean5
    I just saw John Paul White last night at Cat's Cradle in Carrboro NC. What can I was a wonderful intimate performance. For someone who is not a huge fan of touring he put on a lovely simple show. His voice was beautiful, I'd even say better live than on the album. He doesn't require all the bells and whistles cause he is just that good! I highly recommend this album and if you get the chance to see them on tour DO it!
  • Emotional album fom a gifted singer/songwriter/storyteller

    By Emmy Low
    I grew up in a conservative rural Alabama family which feels worlds away from my life now. "What's So" help me explore some of my feelings around the dichotomy between following your dreams and the tension you feel from your family teling you to "not getting above your raising." That 'aspire, but not too much' thinking was really grounded in the fabric of my community, and there's an isolation that comes for some people who do leave any place, anywhere. So many of the lyrics in this song, from 'carrying the weight of your ancestors on your back' to recognizing that, in some ways, the people who both fit in and belong in those places are lucky because they're not dealing with those struggles. I think we carpetbaggers both long for that at the same time we couldn't see ourselves not living it. JPW is a gifted songwriter/storyteller with a beautiful voice who delivers genuine, moving live performances. Buy the album, then catch a show if you can. He offers limited performances; if you need to travel to hear him play, you won't ever be sorry you did. The rest of the album is also amazing, and has some metal and even cowboy ballad flavors that speaks to JPW's diverse influences without a hint of gimmick. I have a new favorite song on Beulah each month.
  • Great album!!!

    By Tom Bruton
    Song writing, vocals, musically.... stands on his own! Even better live on his recent tour! JPW!!!
  • AMAZING!!!!!!!!

    By arthurradley
    A friend recommended this album to me, and I thought I'd give it a quick listen. I didn't stop replaying it for almost a month. Seriously. I even treated myself to a vinyl copy for Christmas. The only thing better than listening to this album is seeing him perform it live. I was in a crowded theater and NO ONE spoke...for the entire show. Wait, except for my husband who would lean over and whisper, "Wow!" in my ear periodically. If you like need this album.
  • Have it on repeat

    By Mashums
    I bought this album from JPW's site (I wanted a signed copy) and it did not disappoint. I knew I was going to have to adjust my expectations because it wasn't the same as the Civil Wars, but I actually ended up loving it way more than anything else he's done. It's incredibly honest, and beautiful. The entire album, from start to finish, is moving. He exceeded ALL of my expectations, and I'm very excited to hear what he comes up with next.
  • Truly one of a kind movement.

    By brookiecookie2001
    This is his 'I don't give a crap what the critics say or other record companies say, I'm going to be true to myself album'. It is amazing. I was emotionally shaken to the core with these songs. I've seen him live and he is an amazing person and has the empathic powers to educate, influence, communicate with your own emotions. His music heals my soul and gets me thinking and in touch with my surroundings and my own life. His songs are so ambiguous and mysterious that it's entertaining to try and figure out what they are about or inspired by. I truly love this album. Every song is amazing. You have to buy the whole thing and listen to it in order start to finish and just reflect. It will change you. I guarantee it.
  • A must!

    By Beeby.wright
    If the only music I ever heard again came from 5 albums, I guarantee Beulah would be one of them.
  • A most enjoyable masterpiece.

    By tim and karen
    Great writing and wonderful melodies for a somewhat dark collection of songs. My husband and I are enjoying learning to play these songs on guitar. I bought several of this cd for gifts and gifted through iTunes as well. I get so many calls saying, thank you.
  • Prepare to feel again!

    By Karina_heartsxoxo
    Amazing lyrics and haunting melodies. The album takes you through an emotional ride from beginning to end. John Paul White is a prime example of the true definition of the word: ARTIST
  • Great!!

    By Bridges2012
    Loved John Paul's first album, The Long Goodbye. Loved The Civil Wars. John Paul and Joy Williams were fabulous together. I love Beulah. John Paul is incredibly talented. Buy this album and go see him in concert. You won't regret it!!