Big Bambu - Cheech & Chong User Reviews

  • What's your name Bob?

    By NobodyBeer
    Begins w/ a B ends w/ a B and has a O in the middle. Toooo funny got ta listen ta understand. Then go ta a gathering and start sayin it and watch others start smiling.
  • yeah

    By thats hip man
    this record is awsome and i got the giant rolling paper.
  • Still Funny After All These Years

    Come on tell the truth, who used the giant rolling paper?
  • Classic

    By mariothebravo
    I remember sitting next to the record player when I was little listening to this record over and over. One of the best comedy albums of all time.
  • wooo!!! yea!! finally!!!

    By zepphead55
    i love cheech and chong
  • Commercial

    By Tonytigrr
    Hopefully the album has the commercial "Rotten Peter".
  • DAVE?

    By Milepost 107
    to bad it doesnt come with the rolling paper anymore!
  • Comedy Classic

    By DJ Zak Atak
    This album is a classic with funny bits. From Sister Mary Elephant to Let's Make A Dope Deal, the album will make you laugh insanely! I have it on the vinyl LP with the classic pull out poster.