Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King - Dave Matthews Band User Reviews

  • Big Whiskey Delivers

    By Brambleditch
    I downloaded this album because I was feeling homesick. DMB was a hometown phenomena for me--the music community is tight and we all know someone related to these guys. My introduction to DMB was through live shows. I've heard some of their commercial stuff and it's good, but not what you hear in concert. This album manages to be studio, yet elicits the feel of one of their shows. Obvious winners: You and I, Shake Me Like A Monkey, Baby Blue. Other songs, (Squirm comes to mind) are just as powerful (if not as commercially accessible). This album is worth a listen, and then another and another. Buy it.
  • I used to like another band

    By feline4you
    I used to like this one band called owl city the best, now this is definitely my favorite band. Owl city is a close second though

    By MoodySammy
    Love these guys! Met Tim in a coffee shop in the outer banks, he walked in in his black shades and I introduced myself he was very nice , we chatted for awhile , I got is autograph , which he signed The Dave Matthews Band which I though was nice because I commented so much on his gift but guessing he saw my Dreaming tree tattoo and Fire Dancer gave it away but they all work like a fine oiled machine.. This was in 2011.
  • one of the BEST

    By Mollystubbs
    i love how different this album is… i have more than a few. This is in my top 5 of all albums… it's got New Orleans Soul… with DMB soul… SOLD!
  • Aiden

    By Texas lucio
  • Just what I like

    By Sobecho
    Love it. Just the kinda music I expected from Dave. Outstanding.
  • back to raw, gritty music

    By PhilJoDo
    IMHO, the two albums since "Before These Crowded Streets" sounded a bit too polished and, dare i say, overproduced. it didn't have that trademark pop DMB's previous work did. this album marks the return to what made them so appealing to the ear: infectious, raw energy and complex yet enjoyable sounds.
  • This album brings back retro dmb

    By Tribalista
    Whether you agree or not I fell in love with Dave matthews band after playing yes cassettes of under the table and dreaming, crash and before these crowded streets. The following albums like busted stuff and stand up, there were a few songs I liked but not crazy to buy.... This album big whiskey and the groogrux king takes me back to why I fell for DMB in the first place... Let's see if away from the world stands up to these albums. Still love DMB concerts....
  • From a long time DMB fan

    By MERC5326
    As any DMB fan will tell you, to say you have a favorite song is next to impossible, but I do believe that song very well could be SEVEN. Incredible!!! I also love the fact that apparently (judging by the popularity bars) not many others get it...good taste is quite the commodity.
  • Amazing

    By Mcdfktcktckcuk
    Love this

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