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  • non original!!!!!

    By The bagster
    I like how they "rip off" other song writers. Way to be unique!!! CASH did a better job on "ain't no grave".
  • Love it

    By Jelyman
    Good stuff.
  • Thanks for the infomation on Broken Road

    By Eddie Afful, NY
    All along I thought Bless the Broken Road was the original work of Rascal Flatts until I read these reviews. It's a great song that touches my heart deeply. It's as if it's refering to my own life, for which cause I gave the credit to Rascal. It does not matter to me anyway who wrote the song (of course now I know) I listen to it and it puts me in the prayer mood. I am thankful to you guys for a wonderful song that has helped me to pick up my pieces and moved on to a higher level. God bless you.
  • Beautiful Music, Beautiful Production Quality

    By Murraytheorderly
    The Title song was written and first produced by The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band in 1994, not all of those who were listed below. Selah produces beautiful music and new original arrangements. They also produce quality material that sets the proper worshipful mood. Wheather they write all of their material; is not a consideration here. Why not enjoy this beautiful collection of songs and smile?
  • Faithful One - What an amazing song!

    By SwissRose
    Faithful One, a duet with Christy Nockels, what a beautiful beautiful song that is written for our precious Lord Jesus! The song expresses so clearly how much we are loved by the King. As I am listening to the song, I cannot help but have tears in my eyes as I am so touched by the truth of the song. Thank You Jesus, thank You indeed for all you've done! I can't wait to see You and bow down before You and worship You. I love You, Jesus. I love You with all my heart.
  • Not bad

    By J.D.Havens
    Overall, this is not a bad effort. The tune "You Raise Me Up" has been recorded over 120 times, and I recall it on Secret Garden's CD "Once In a Red Moon" which was released in 2002.
  • It really doesn't matter who wrote them, however if you want the facts...

    By Crystal Anne
    Selah did NOT write either "Broken Road" or "You Raise Me Up"...but neither did Rascal Flatts or Josh Groban (respectively). "Bless the Broken Road" was actually written by Marcus Hummon along with the band Nitty Gritty Dirt Band in 1994. "You Raise Me Up" was written by a composer by the name of Rolf Lovland and the words by an Irish novelist & songwriter Brendan Graham sometime before 9/11 happened. Both songs have been re-recorded many times by different artists. The point is that some will like Selah's versions better, some other versions. It really doesn't matter who wrote it. They are both beautiful songs no matter who sings them.
  • Loved it!

    By Cynchu
    Yesterday, I went to their concert in Eustis, Fl and I was so blessed by them!. This cds are great!
  • Beautiful Album!

    By Sillygooseling
    I don't really see why it matters who wrote this music. Selah's versions of the songs are beautiful and inspiring. As long as they inspire you in your faith, it shouldn't matter who wrote the music. I would reccommend this album to anyone willing ot listen to it. Simply gorgeous, and filled with insights about Jesus Christ. Love it.
  • my life

    By pazndaws
    Bless the Broken Road is totally how my life is. I've looked for love in the wrong places and then ended up going to God. totally rad

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