Blonde - Frank Ocean


Frank Ocean

  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2017-12-12
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 17

  • ℗ Boys Don't Cry

Frank Ocean Tracks

Title Artist Time
Nikes Frank Ocean 5:14 Download Sheet Music
Ivy Frank Ocean 4:09 Download Sheet Music
Pink + White Frank Ocean 3:04 Download Sheet Music
Be Yourself Frank Ocean 1:26 Download Sheet Music
Solo Frank Ocean 4:17 Download Sheet Music
Skyline To Frank Ocean 3:04 Download Sheet Music
Self Control Frank Ocean 4:09 Download Sheet Music
Good Guy Frank Ocean 1:06 Download Sheet Music
Nights Frank Ocean 5:07 Download Sheet Music
Solo (Reprise) Frank Ocean 1:18 Download Sheet Music
Pretty Sweet Frank Ocean 2:38 Download Sheet Music
Facebook Story Frank Ocean 1:08 Download Sheet Music
Close to You Frank Ocean 1:25 Download Sheet Music
White Ferrari Frank Ocean 4:08 Download Sheet Music
Seigfried Frank Ocean 5:34 Download Sheet Music
Godspeed Frank Ocean 2:57 Download Sheet Music
Futura Free Frank Ocean 9:24 Download Sheet Music

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  • Too Good

    By Brian717
    This album made me cry
  • Love

    By xjlhx
    Of my life
  • Amazing

    By Kattttttttherine
  • Give it time

    By Sads76
    After listening for months I am finally ready to leave a review. At first this album seemed boring, but you can't judge off the bat. This album is great, amazing vocals, CRAZY AD LIBS ON "White Ferrari". Amazing transition in "Nights". What more can you ask for, Channel Orange is honestly topped in my opinion. Great word play on songs, amazing productions. People just need to learn how to listen to music and give things time.
  • Perfection

    By Firelord.Waseem
    This album is the greatest I've ever heard
  • Never had music dictate my feelings this much

    By citrusreviews17
    10/10 amazing
  • Sebastian Patrizio

    By mario1279
    frank ocean is a god. this album is a complete masterpiece, its one of those album like bruno mars' album 24k magic where i can listen to it from begining to end. my favorite songs on this album are pink + white, nikes, be yourself, solo, self control, nights, godspeed, ivy and solo (reprise). oh, i also the last song song futura free it reminds a little bit of kanye's runaway. it's very odd and unexpecting but it's definitely not a low moment on the album. overall i really enjoyed listening to this thing, i'm surprised it hasn't won a grammy. i just know that frank will get it in 2018! good job frank! can't wait for your next album!
  • Perfect

    By DaddySwav
    If i can give it more than 5stars i would
  • This Album Will Change Your Life đŸ˜”

    By FoolishSwamj
    I've never been this shocked and influenced by any musical album. This is the greatest album I've heard in a while. This album has it all, love, struggles, depression, and many abstract ideas Frank Ocean has. This album is so unique there just might as well be a whole new category for this album. If you do need to listen, listen from start to finish.
  • Frank is Amazing!

    By MattyJ112202
    He is very different from other artists definitely not one person like him