Blue Madonna - BØRNS User Reviews

  • Spin coach

    By Coachspin
    This album is a stinker. Can you rock out even a little bit. My go to band turned out a below average. Get back to what you do best.

    By DuckyPirate
    *Listens to album for the first time* Me: Dang, this is freaking awesome. *Listens to album with headphones* Me: *ENTERS A NEW GALAXY OF PURE EUPHORIA AND SUPERNATURAL BLISS*
  • He did THAT

    By Hanrainbow
    100% recommend. I love this album.💙
  • 🅱️oi

    By AlwaysInDenial
    I for some reason only just realized this came out like months ago, and I nEvEr write reviews but this album is literally so good. I mean obviously there’s like one or two songs that I think are just ok, but the things I like are just 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌
  • I love this album more than life itself

    By Skye🦕
    It’s not just an album it’s a life style 10/10 recommend and stan this beautiful man
  • Borns sound is unique and beautiful!!

    By smwilson1517
    This album is brilliant. The electronic edges and harmonics deliver a special sound that isn’t like any other.
  • YES

    By Jack A. Martin
    I thoroughly enjoyed every song on this album. Just all around great.
  • This album is phenomenal.

    By glimmmm93
    I love you and your music.
  • Good... but not quite as good as Dopamine

    By MelodyMoonstone
    I like this album a lot, I’m really digging the theremin solo in Supernatural, but something about Dopamine will always be special to me. This album just doesn’t hold my attention like Dopamine does. However, having said that, this album isn’t bad. It’s a great new direction and I’m loving the collaboration with Lana Del Ray. Great work!!
  • Boring

    By Pal9206
    Not a memorable album... No song stands out and it most feel like a drag.

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