Bohemian Rhapsody (The Original Soundtrack) - Queen User Reviews

  • Omg

    By dominiccoracifarm
    Omg Yes
  • So want

    By Susieq93
    Hey apple and you tunes. Ringtones shouldn’t cost $1.29! But love this soundtrack

    By Johhnybot
    I saw the movie and it had me in tears. I’m 15 and I never got to experience Freddie Mercury when he was still alive and making music. In the coming months building up to this film I did a lot of research on Freddie Mercury, and I realized the more you learn about him the more you recognize how influential he was. The way he took control of crowds and always challenged himself to do better was truly inspiring. This film is wonderful as is the music and I would not dismiss this one bit. Also #makeAy-Oharingtone
  • It’s a MOVIE SOUNDTRACK!!!!!

    By Wyattm23
    To anyone giving this anything less than 5 stars because it’s missing two songs from the Live Aid show, those two aren’t included on here because they weren’t included in the movie. These songs were chosen for this disk because they are the songs and the versions used in the movie. I agree with you though, and even said after leaving the movie, I wished they would have included their whole Live Aid set in the movie (not sure why they couldn’t have just added another 5 minutes or so in there), but they didn’t. Again, that’s why they aren’t here. Enjoy it for what it is. It’s an incredible movie and an equally incredible soundtrack!
  • the movie was phenomenal!!! The soundtrack is even better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By Enjkrf
    if you are a queen's fan, this soundtrack is definitely for you!!!
  • I want to give this 5 stars

    By Scizor Kick
    This is the only way to get queen's live aid performance on cd or as an mp3 so that should make this 5 stars regardless of anything else, but... its an incomplete live aid performance. I understand they cut songs out for time in the movie but if this was going to be the only way to own the performance they should have included the whole thing on the soundtrack
  • Awesome

    By Rainbow Duck🍉🌈🐥
    I’ve loved queen my whole life and i loved the movie! I’m happy the live aid songs are now available. It’s also cool the songs on the album are in order on how they appear in the movie.
  • Perfection in the band, Queen.

    By BrianTGreen
    Live is amazing. Studio is amazing. What’s next? For me, I’m so happy. Five stars!
  • This soundtrack...

    By b_newbold
    This was literally the best movie I’ve ever seen! 👌 not gonna lie. This is one of the best soundtracks out of all soundtracks created!

    By ALPerez1977
    It’s amazing. Just amazing.