Born This Way (Bonus Track Version) - Lady Gaga User Reviews

  • Iconic

    By Joey, The Queeb
    All the songs have a story and meaning/place. I love listening to it because Lady Gaga’s voice shows us how much she cares and how talented she is in the pop world and the music industry!
  • I love this album ! #iconic #queen

    By selenatordangerouswoman310
    This album is amazing and one of my all time faves ❤️👌🏻🔥 Love you Gaga
  • Album of the Decade

    By justinp1028
    This is quite frankly, the best album of the decade. In my opinion, anyway.

    By Dyllan7903
    I made the mistake of getting the normal album and missing out on a couple of songs that I like! 😢
  • Music for the masses

    By Bunzylou
    No comment
  • Amazing

    By georivera
    This CD is a masterpiece for the ages! Very dark and misterious and a true Lady Gaga fan would appreciate this as one of her top masterpieces!
  • Queen of the Gays

    By Angel Monster 👨🏻‍🎤
    She wasn’t afraid to support gays during a time it was unacceptable. She was boycotted by Christian Conservatives for years but she didn’t care. That’s my girl!
  • A triumphant sophomore album!

    By GaGaARTPOP8664
    This album took awhile to grow on me, let me tell you. Because when it came out I was 15 years old, and rock music was not my thing. Also, I missed the Gaga that was all over the radio (as in there’s no songs that were as big as “Poker Face” or “Bad Romance” on this album). But as the years have gone on, I’ve come to realize that Gaga was intending to make an album that would stand the test of time, and that it has. While there aren’t songs as iconic as the two I mentioned, this album is so consistently great. It does have its lows, but nothing as bad as Starstruck or Teeth. So, I’m glad Gaga made an album that was ahead of its time for her fans.
  • Born This Way

    By hausofellis
    Album highlights for me are songs like “Marry The Night” “Hair” and “The Edge of Glory”. This is a great album & stands for such a positive message. Love it 🖤
  • Killer Album

    By LHAK91
    Most underrated album. Every song is a gem