Born This Way (The Remix) - Lady Gaga User Reviews


    By LGBTQueen
    The album sold 8 million copies and the song sold 10 million
  • Love these remixes!❤️

    By Jsa1192
    Born This Way was a GREAT album! Especially the deluxe version! Glad they made a remix album for it :) There are some really good songs on this album! I highly recommend it to anyone who likes good music & good remixes! 5/5 stars!
  • Is you madonna?

    By Living for rebel heart
    Sounds like we are all hip to your game now! Real artist with talent shouldn't have to copy, you have talent! Why copy?
  • The Weeknd.

    By JP6IXVI6
    I'm here for The Weeknd.
  • LOVE IT!

    By JimeeGags
    Even though these are old remixes I think they are the best remixes and its good to have all the good ones on one album^.^
  • This is amazing

    By Ajnavarro91
    I'm in love with it I can play this songs at Parties & people can get really pumped & dance to it. Haters can hate but this is amazing! :)
  • Súper padrísimo

    By miguel lopez gonzalez
  • Best remix album ever

    By Chriss:))
    Best by far I love it-BTW/Zedd and the rest :), Bloody Mary remix is horrible I was expecting so much more!
  • Marry the Night

    By DemocratCat
    I only bought Marry the Night, and that's what my review is for. The Weeknd is amazing. It got me to like Lady GaGa a bit.
  • Very good but.....

    By marrythenight666
    I love all of the songs on this album but I was a little disappointed about the Bloody Mary remix. I was expecting something a little more creepy but other than that loved! <3