Bridge of Sighs (2007 Remaster) - Robin Trower User Reviews

  • Classic!!!!

    By Skynyrd 1977
    I will put this as easy as possible.....talent is talent is Talent!!!!
  • Robin Trower Bridge of Sighs

    By Jax727
    This is definately a Classic, easily listenable all the way thru. Too Rolling Stoned is at or near the top of blues rock that I love to play air guitar and turn up the volume!
  • Top 25 All-time

    By Chet1734
    Yes. This is one of the top 25 all-time rock albums. Every power song is a radio hit, and Bridge Of Sighs/In This Place and About To Begin are awesome headphone (or make-out) songs. Great songs, great recording, great vocals, perfect drumming for the songs.
  • Flashback

    By MrAtariMac
    Very Hendrix, psychedelic, and bluesy. Takes me back to when I was making life decisions (13 - 14 years old). Just listening to it again gives me flashbacks of what I was doing - or shouldn't be doing - back in those days. The music has just absolutely fabulous guitar tones. It was a must-have album once you heard the title track or Day of the Eagle back in the day. Every song is worth a listen. You just don't hear guitar work like this anymore. And it'll definitely remind you of Hendrix, but it's no rip-off. Just another unique player in the same period.