Calma - Omar Sosa User Reviews

  • Beautiful album

    By lexief76
    I listen to this album at least once a day while at work. Haunting and uplifting at the same time. Every time I listen it's pure enjoyment.
  • Now I'm sleepy

    By BlaineC
  • Omar Omar Omar

    By trebordig
    What a genius ! We... are truly fortunate to have this artist Omar Sosa around making some of the most beautiful music of all ! I literally own every album he has made...he leaves no stone unturned, he does it all. Each album is a masterpiece. I have the highest reverance for Omar Sosa's music... he is a one of a kind who worships all music with joy, he takes it all in and gives it back with spontanaity that only comes from the spirit within. Reading the review by the kid " only 14 " really made my day.
  • Music for peace and tranquility

    By real jazz lover
    We live in a time of unparalleled turbulence. Nature unravels itself into disastrous proportions while men strip the resources of our precious planet to use against one another. It's rare that something musically precise anchors into our psyches to set off a feeling of deep meditation and relaxation. Calmameaning calm, the 16th or so album by the incredible Omar Sosa has the extraordinary artistry, sensitivity and passion to deliver something that truly is what it is called. Omar has been at the cutting edge of innovation and extending musical styles while merging folkloric trends since he began recording back in the 1980s. He's an international icon, original in every way and exciting to experience. On his very latest recording he introduces us musically to the feelings of life and passions. From the opening notes of his piece, sunrise, one senses the extraordinary moments of early morning. Omar has the uncanny sensitivity of touching each note as if it was somehow prepared as something from an out of body experience. This music will touch you, move you and will make your soul sing with all its original harmonies, patterns and musical nuances to deliver your spirit to a somewhat higher elevation. For Omar is a genuine poet in the sense of being spare and highly selective for each note that he touches and decides to play. And he has the ability to make each note soar and diminish to a greater dimension than is actually played. If you've never experienced any of this man's music I would urge you to go back to any of his earlier recordings to accumulate his experiences and then come back to Calma once again to get the feeling and sense of his cumulative artistry
  • magnificent...

    By paul1zee
    Omar Sosa shows once again what a special talent he is... one of the world's most outstanding jazz artists. His music, his feelings expressed through the keys connect so much to nature.... Thank you for another memorable collection here.
  • Awesome

    By Carleyyyy!!<3
    Omg his voice is amazing! His songs are so meaningful! I just love every bit! This may not be some rapper but I am only 14 and this is way better! Carley
  • Beautiful!!

    By Beccaboo63
    Omar Sosa has the magic to captivate and calm. He feels each note before he hits the key. Amazing album!!!

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