Cannons - Phil Wickham User Reviews

  • His Heart is in the right place!

    By Man Up! Casey
    Phil Wickham stands out so much because his worship songs don't sound like a big frivilous singalong. They sound straight from his heart purely to Jesus and I love how heartfelt and personal his worship is
  • Whoa...

    By Be jammin'
    I’m a new convert. A friend told me to check out this album and I was completely blown away. Completely. Phil’s gotta the most underrated artist ever. Love this guy!!!
  • Amazing

    By VladRabbit
    Beautiful album praise God.
  • Amazing

    By Sofia Reyes
    It's only been less than 3 hours and I love this album already.
  • Great Christian Album

    By andreaschristof
    I am not a fan of a lot of Christian music out there. It's extremely generic. But this album is musically amazing and creative. Christian artists need to take notes from Mr. Phil.
  • Lovely!!!!

    By Unknown Persone
    This Album is amazing! Can't get enough of it!!!
  • Cannons❤

    By EmmaBoyd8
    This song just connects me so much to God. It reminds me that we deserve death, but he payed the price for us with His own son, Jesus. It reminds me that we are so unworthy, but He still loves us. Cannons is a great song I suggest you should buy it. 😉
  • Awesome!

    By Likableist
  • Great!

    By SmashBro22
    I love it!
  • Powerful song

    By Scott,s I.T. Service
    I first heard this song at Black Lake Bible Camp and this song it powerful

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