Center Point Road - Thomas Rhett User Reviews

  • Who cares about genre??

    By # I love cars
    Thomas you are awesome! You mix pop and country together which is where country music is headed. I ❤️ this new album! Sand, Barefoot, Look what God gave her, Center Point road, and Beer Can’t Fix are some of my favs. Keep collaborating with guys like Jon Pardi. Good job!
  • Awesome Rhett

    By Cool cowgirls
    This is an amazing song. It is my overall number one song right now. I don’t care what other people say about the genre, It is a great song. Go Thomas Rhett!!🎤👍🏻

    By Emilyxoxoxoxoxo
    Thomas Rhett... I cant even explain to you how much I love this album. Every single song lifts my spirits in a different way. I have been listening to this album everyday for the past month or so, and now I’ve got my mom doing the same. Every song sends such a positive message. I love it so much!
  • Um

    By Tcu guy
    What part of this is country again?
  • Hmm

    By texas n8
    What in the *NSYNC Backstreet Boys stuff is this?
  • Straight to the CENTER point road

    By Country_Girl23
    I love this album!
  • Best

    By yousaywhaaaaat;):-/
    Best album yet
  • Garbage

    By Woods3224
    Tired of his pop music - change genres please!
  • 💕

    By Nicole Lovings
    Does it really matter what genre it is like seriously y’all calm down he can sing whatever he wants it’s his songs not yours and he can sing about his wife all he wants🙄 It’s great music with it being country or not
  • I love this, play it every day on my echo dot

    By tvfghhgcdj
    This is the best album in history. Your an amazing artist, I love playing this on my echo dot! Everyone deserves to be rewarded with your music. I’m a huge fan!