Charli - Charli XCX User Reviews

  • 1999

    By kyoger19
    We love ❤️ Troye
  • future of pop

    By Ashe2738299292
    reading some of these reviews below i wonder if people have ever heard anything outside of top 40 or alt rock from the 00’s...delusional, every single one of them. this album is full of beautifully crafted, futuristic and left-field pieces that truly sound like nothing out there right now. no pop star is at the charli’s level.
  • Terrible Album, Great Back Catalogue

    By anon0mous
    I like Charli XCX. This album is terrible. It’s a major departure from her previous work, and trades synth dance like Icona Pop or sampled hip-hop in the vein of Portishead for emotional segues to... emotional segues. The entire album sounds like Kanye West on auto tune, with the exception of 1999 with Troye Sivan and Gone with Christine and the Queens. Similar to Taylor Swift, her recent efforts sound like a Payless Shoe Sale where you figure it out yourself for a massive bargain on streaming services. Charli XCX has at least 90 minutes of great music in her catalogue. The same could be said of Taylor Swift, Iggy Azalea and Camila Cabello. If you’re willing to listen through 5 albums to make your own mix, then you might just love Charli XCX, or Taylor Swift, or Iggy Azalea. That said, I’d prefer to spend $14.99 for someone to curate an hour for me, then to spend $9.99 for unlimited music delivered in this format.
  • Wow, can she actually sing?

    By Criminality
    This is just a mosh of sounds and cacophony at its best. Some catchy lyrics here and there and the classic curse word injected to make it seem more edgy. Why do people collaborate so much now? 10-20 years ago, artists released THEIR songs, only their songs. Granted, many artists don’t write their own songs (Grande, Pink, etc.) This isn’t worth 5 cents.
  • Phenomenal Pop Album

    By wueendayy
    From the beginning to the end, this album doesn’t fail at keeping me engaged. Definitely not for everyone and for the faint of heart you will need to listen more than once to truly “get it”. Otherwise I loved this album and it was everything I wanted from a full length Charli XCX album!
  • Wow

    By Shanew334
    For her to hype it up this is really bad, over produced, autouned 🗑 trash.
  • Best Album of Hers To Date

    By desi~~~~
    Charli XCX is here, yet again, to demonstrate that she truly is a borderless pop visionary, and a force to be reckoned with. Creating a perfect fuse of dark electronic (“2099 feat. Troye Sivan”), to the more sophisticated tropical-house sound (“Warm feat. HAIM”), “Charli” is an exciting thriller full of sharp plot twists and turns. Truly a masterpiece, her fifth studio album comes in many forms; the slow R&B “I Don’t Wanna Know”, the over-the-top computerized spectacles “Click feat. Kim Petras & Tommy Cash” and “Shake It feat. Big Freedia, CupcakKe, Brooke Candy and Pablo Vittar”, the ballad-driven “White Mercedes” and “Official”, to the voltaic bops of the summer “Gone feat. Christine and The Queens” and “Blame It On Your Love feat. Lizzo”. Charli XCX is here to challenge the stigma of pop; to make each of us question everything. She truly is an artist of her generation.
  • Rating goes to the album cover!

    By Oru21
    😵😍😍 🔥
  • Good album

    By TrevJamesBoone
    Great album can listen from start to end no skipping needed 👍🏼
  • Progressive and Cohesive

    By Deeeelan
    Absolutely the best that Charli has put out to date... The collaborations are perfect, the production is insane and it’s an easy listen from beginning to end. White Mercedes is the only real opportunity on the album, but it’s not enough for me to take away any stars. This album as a whole is very strong.