Cheek to Cheek (Deluxe Version) - Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga User Reviews

  • Amazing

    By Mjstacy
    Amazing. Oh did I say amazing? Well it’s amazing!!!!!
  • Jazz Legends

    By LGBTQueen
    Once Gaga goes back to pop after this she's gonna have a hot bigger than bad romance, I'll follow and support my queen no matter what she's working with the king of jazz and her vocals are heavenly. She does no wrong Best selling jazz album of the last 10 years is right here
  • Amazing

    By K1NG_WARR10R
  • TB X LG

    By @KLuca143
    One of the best albums of 2014, such an amazing collaboration! Bravo!!
  • Cheek to cheek

    By ErnieTexas1959
    We went to see 92 years old Tony Bennett performed live at Majestic Theater in San Antonio TX 8/21/18 it was fantastic A night to remember He still has the same voice The CD is a great buy to keep an unforgettable experience alive.
  • Flop ga

    By I love you christina
    Lady flop ga
  • Genius

    By myronhatesyou
    Gaga’s vocals on BANG BANG are breath taking 😳
  • Literally the worst album ever.

    By MaddieLA2791
    Couldn't have been worse. I LOVE pop and jazz but what is this? That dosen't even look like or sound like Lady Gaga. They ruined these songs very disapointed :(
  • Talented

    By hausofellis
    Can’t believe she managed to do a Jazz album with TONY BENNETT and pull it off. She’s si versatile and talented ❤️ love you gaga
  • maskerville

    By maskervilles
    My admiration for this woman grows the more I learn about her. Her physical problems and her pain, Her philanthropic nature, her musical prowess, her voice, and her versatility. She has often been compared to Madonna. But there really is no comparison. Lady Gaga is in the same class as Billie and Ella.

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