Colors of Love - Brian Culbertson User Reviews

  • Smooth B

    By Foxynativegirl
    I love the places his music takes me. So inviting n relaxing upbeat deep the smoothness n tranquility. One of the best out here-my fave😍.
  • Beyond Fabulous!

    By beri bean bag
    Brian Culbertson is a Genius! His music has such a rich soul! He’s definitely on my bucket list to see! 5 stars ⭐️ is not enough.
  • Creative Musical Genius Does It AGAIN!

    By jas.v
    Brian, you are amazing! This album literally speaks to my soul. “In a Dream” makes me feel like anything in this world is possible. I can move mountains; I can achieve the highest distinction in anything I set my mind to. In a Dream is ALWAYS on repeat when I feel defeated because I know listening to this song will give me the mind set to conquer all things! “You’re Magic” just makes me feel like the most special girl in the world! Lol. It has such a romantic vibe to it. I can see myself playing this on a date night when things with my date has almost come to a pleasant end and we’re in the mood to hear something relaxing yet sets the right mood for wanting to fall in love. Love is magic and this songs brings out the magic in love! My fav! I would be here writing all day about this amazing album. There’s nothing more to say but every song will speak to your soul. There is some experience in life that this album will make you reminisce about, whether good or sad. I love how Brian’s musical talent always takes my soul and heart to places I only go to in my dreams! Bravo, Mr. Culbertson! I am truly a fan for life!!! 💜💜💜😊
  • Unbelievably awesome music!!!

    By Mamacisco
    No words can truly express the beauty of this album!!! For that... I am truly grateful for this gift you’ve given to us.
  • Fire

    By jj_the_pilot
    Album is a masterpiece

    By Blahhhh484774
    Before i start...let me just say mom is right..THERE IS A GOD! god took his time in creating this magnificent artist. And ONCE AGAIN he delivers another spectacular album. My dear brian if you ever read this: Thank you. Thanks for your music, i've been listening to you since i was 17, and now i'm heading to 31. Huge fan of your music, and will continue to be your fan until my last breath, thank you once again!
  • I can only give this 5 stars?

    By MrPhinn
    This guy has to be one of the best jazz pianist ever. Mixes jazz and soul like none other. Dude is a pure beast. Easily his best CD since "It's On Tonight".

    By JON A G
    Hats off to Brian and his team. I bought this album several days ago and it has been on continuous repeat ever since. Truly one of those great albums you can let play track 1 through the finish without touching your player. The depth of the music is very heartfelt. Much appreciated for these great tunes! Jon G
  • Colors of Love

    By TimmyWhimmy
    I absolutely love the entire CD. Hard for me to pick just one favorite song!!!!!!!
  • Brian think he slick

    By @BUZZBAIT69
    Listen to Wear it Out on the album It’s on Tonight and listen to how similar it is too I Want You. I didn’t know he dropped this on Valentines Day, but I’m like McDonald’s, I’m Loving It.😜❤️😎❤️😎😜

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