Come Tomorrow - Dave Matthews Band User Reviews

  • Very bad stuff

    By Hapkidodave
    I only gave it a 1 because there was no option for a 0. The only decent song on it is only 27 seconds long. The last 3 albums have been going downhill fast. I have been a huge fan for over 20 years but am quickly falling away from them.
  • Buy it, NOW!!

    By Lincoln5Golden
    Just awesome.
  • I’m so confused. It’s awful.

    By nybor7
    :( Sorry. Long time fan....super fan in fact. This? Nope. Gave it a few tries as many of his/their songs take a time or two to fully appreciate. This album falls short....terribly short.
  • Samurai Cop (Let Joy Begin)

    By uberstank57
    I hate this song and if they don't stop playing it, I'm going to kill myself or....
  • Another Great Album

    By Matro07
    DMB never disappoints. What a breath of fresh air with all the crap music being released today. Dave’s lyrics are filled with such thought and meaning. Not a bad song on this album, it’s no wonder that they can still fill stadiums three decades going strong.
  • Defy evolving

    By grux rip
    Great album..
  • Joy!

    By ZtotheAchary
    I really enjoy this album from start to finish!
  • Samurai Cop

    By konagazer
    I am a long time DM fan. Until now, loved everything he's done. Top 5 all time favorite band. Samurai Cop is so bad that when it comes on the cable, I jump up to change the channel. Can't stand it!
  • Missed them so!

    By perdynh
    amazing album! So worth the wait!
  • Stefan Lassard’s Album

    By Ranger PJ
    Solid, solid album. Stefan’s performance on a few of the tracks is probably his best work, and Carter is Carter (bloody genius as always)! Tracks 2, 3, 4 are completely phoned in (or they’d get 5 Stars), BUT the rest of the album is a mix of Some Devil, Gru Grux King (sp), a little Everyday (just a little) and the band has turned a creative page. My favorite track is Black and Blue Bird, it’s almost Dave’s “Over Hill’s and Far Away”, great tune.

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