Current Mood - Dustin Lynch

Current Mood

Dustin Lynch

  • Genre: Country
  • Release Date: 2017-09-08
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 13

  • ℗ 2017 This Is Hit, Inc. d/b/a Broken Bow Records

Current Mood - Dustin Lynch Tracks

Title Artist Time
I'd Be Jealous Too Dustin Lynch 3:05 Play Video D/L Sheet Music
Seein' Red Dustin Lynch 3:14 Play Video D/L Sheet Music
Small Town Boy Dustin Lynch 3:26 Play Video D/L Sheet Music
Why We Call Each Other Dustin Lynch 3:21 Play Video D/L Sheet Music
Here We Come Dustin Lynch 3:25 Play Video D/L Sheet Music
Love Me or Leave Me Alone (fea Dustin Lynch 4:05 Play Video D/L Sheet Music
Back on It Dustin Lynch 3:29 Play Video D/L Sheet Music
I Wish You Were Beer Dustin Lynch 3:07 Play Video D/L Sheet Music
State Lines Dustin Lynch 3:11 Play Video D/L Sheet Music
Party Song Dustin Lynch 3:13 Play Video D/L Sheet Music
New Girl Dustin Lynch 3:39 Play Video D/L Sheet Music
Why Not Tonight Dustin Lynch 3:06 Play Video D/L Sheet Music
Sun Don't Go Down on That Dustin Lynch 3:24 Play Video D/L Sheet Music

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Current Mood - Dustin Lynch User Reviews

  • Country?

    By loganinho6
    Trade in your cowboy hat.. this isn't country.
  • All He Does Is 🙌🏻

    By kasizzlex86
    Everything he sings is great and I don't expect anything less! I go see him every time he is in NC and met him once so far. So gracious and down to earth! Can't wait to hear the rest of this! Celebrating with his first tour date on my birthday in Fayetteville 11/3! 😍 Edited: only to say to those who give it a 1 star, yes this album is different but each generation IS GOING TO BE! Wake up! Dustin is amazing live and this album was! I was at his first concert and it was amazing!
  • He Delivered 100% Again

    By CountryDancinGirl
    The whole album is excellent! He’s so good!
  • Listening over and over

    By AussieBrad88
    Really strong singles as I am sure you are aware but great additions with Jealous and Party Song ... keep up they great work Dustin ...

    By Em4God
  • Disappointed beyond belief

    By Badgerfan321
    It was 2012 when Dustin released “Cowboys and Angels”. At the time it’s one of my favorite songs and still remains as one of my favorites songs. His debut album was incredible in my opinion. He reminded me a lot of a young Clay Walker. 2014 is when he released “Where It’s At (Yep Yep)”. I thought it was a catchy song but I had a bad taste in my mouth that he was going to sell out in the near future. His sophomore album “Where It’s At” wasn’t completely country due to some country-pop songs on the album, but I couldn’t complain about it. I am sad to say that Dustin Lynch has sold out like fellow artist Thomas Rhett. There is not one true country song on his new album “Current Mood”. Every song sounds the same in my opinion. The over usage of autotune makes this record unlistenable. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind Pop country. It just has to be done right. We have lost another gem to Nashville.
  • Not country

    By Nosepickle1
    Dustin is a sellout! This is not country at all!
  • Marvelous

    By Shayla9980
    The whole album is great. A lot of the songs bring back the old country type that are good drinking or dancing songs. Great job!
  • Junk

    By thank god 4 BG
    I would give it a zero, if I could. I was really looking forward to his new album. What the hell happened. His old stuff is good but this is absolute garbage.
  • Today's country

    By Landonwilliams98
    This is what country music is coming to. I'll stick to listening to Chris Stapleton, Sturgill Simpson, and Jamey Johnson.

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