Dark Skies - Fit for a King User Reviews

  • Music

    By Maxstooks
    Love it !!
  • Speechless

    By 7dustareus
    Did this band just L out the whole metal community, I think they did.
  • less intensity but much more emotional

    By jameson131313
    the album is less heavy than some of their other works but on the bright side the songs are so much more emotional for instance Oblivion. Honestly, so few metalcore bands are still around and I am glad that great bands like August Burns Red and Fit For a King have not left the genre or added electronic influences. And newer bands like Wage War are sparking new hope in the genre. RIP bands that have either left the metal genre or just ended altogether
  • Solid work, gents.

    By SovereignIam
    I think this is my second favorite album behind Creation|Destruction. Gym soundtrack for the last few days since buying it earlier this week. Solid work, gents. 👍🏼🇺🇸🦅🥓
  • Better with Age

    By billbobjoebob
    FfAK gets better every album. A lot of bands get worse with age, but FFAK keeps going, and getting better and better.
  • My favorite band

    By Goldentacos
    Been listening since slave to nothing and Fit for a King thank you for everything. Keep it going guys.
  • dont pay attention to the low reviews

    By true rebel6
    obviously all those reviews are before the entire album came out. my opinion this is their best period. as an entire album. Shattered Glass, and backbreaker are so hard and heavy in lyrics combined.When everything means nothing is a well divided soft and hard play on the entire song. AWESOME album overall
  • Album of the year!

    By joer0516
    Every song on this album is amazing, that’s all there is to say. Buy it, now. 😀
  • Best yet!

    By KilrMarshmallow
    Best Fit For A King album yet!
  • Solid outing

    By Joshyomy
    Wow this is quickly blasting it’s way into my heavy rotation!