Deep Forest - Do As Infinity User Reviews

  • Real opening theme

    By Younginwell
    Yes finally the opening song from inuyasha.
  • GoGo DAI

    By GoGoSP
    I bought the CD a few years ago at a store in Japan Town, but it is agreat Album and still have it ripped on my computer.
  • Timeless

    By Beeezil
    Compare this album to a lot of J-pop albums released in the past 13 years. Do As Infinity's songs still can be listened to without them sounding dated. Deep Forest is still one of my favorite albums I have ever owned. I was so sad to part with my music collection when I moved away and left them all to a good friend to take care of. Now with itunes putting back Japanese albums back on the market, i can once again listen to some awesome music.
  • Thank you!

    By Inuyasha1001
    iTunes thank you for bringing some of the Inuyasha songs.
  • YAYY!

    By DeeRose2000
    I've been waiting for this forever! I've finally found the opening theme song of InuYasha and much others! Thank you so much iTunes! This made my day very very much!! Please, try to get more! Thank you so so much!

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