Delta - Mumford & Sons User Reviews

  • On Repeat

    By KFRob
    Love it
  • 🔥

    By arvinzabihi
  • Not crazy about the direction they're going in

    By AlphaGram
    But there are some songs I really like on this albu, Delta being my favorite. Would I buy the entire album? Nope.
  • Digs Deep

    By Kl steak
    Phenomenal!!!! It’s been ages since I’ve purchased a full album! This one takes you away on a journey and digs deep in the soul! If you want music that takes your from A-Z and not even notice how you got there.....this is the one! ❤️❤️❤️
  • Amazing!

    By DCxxRaY
    I'm glad they put down the banjos.
  • Pretty Poor

    By Joshb1003
    Not tasteful, sounds like every other pop song coming out on the radio, with a touch of mediocre “folk” sound here and there. Really disappointed in the backward steps taken here with this album.
  • 5 stars

    By Jonathan_19
    If you don’t think this is a 5-star album than you’re stupid.
  • Beautiful

    By mo_passey
    Everything you love about Mumford and Sons you can find on this album. They are growing and it’s beautiful.
  • Just not the sound that fits them

    By Reed12321
    First, there needs to be more foot stomping and banjo. Secondly, why the slight echo on Marcus’ voice throughout the whole album? It makes it unbearable to listen to.
  • Disappointed

    By Kaitqwertyui
    Coming from an obsessed fan, this album is pretty terrible. Music and lyric wise. I’ve never had the urge to skip a Mumford song but I basically get through this album in 5 min. Not impressed and very disappointed.