Descendants 3 (Original TV Movie Soundtrack) - Various Artists User Reviews

  • I haven’t watch the movie yet but I love this song already

    By Alivya Hill-Conroy
    Thank you for putting the song that I love it even though I don’t watch it yet but still I love it thank you for putting This song out thank you
  • Best ever

    By cupcake33214
    I can’t what to see it I need to see it 😁😁😁
  • Love it 😍

    By Rynestone⭐️💫
    Descendants is probably one of the best movies Disney channel has ever made. And I really like this song!!!! Good to be.......................BAD😈😈😈😈
  • Soo catchy

    By 222cool guy 6
    I just love this song it’s so catchy and I can’t wait for the movie to come out and all the other songs!😍 GOOD 😎TO BE…BAD!!!😈
  • I L💜VE G💜💚D T💜 BE BAD

    By Lmartham
    I Loooooooooooove the first song and I need to see the third one Nooooooowww
  • This song is so catchy!!!! i just wanna dance

    By pugtolife
    ibcant waitbgor the rest of the album to be relesed! and incant wait for the movie!!!
  • Vk day is on

    By litle minny
    I love its good to be bad my favorite character is mal. Mal is wicked and bad she is married to Ben so I do not know why she is at the island of the lost but it is vk day so maybe that’s why is ceilea jafars daughter who is mal going to pick evil is proubly going to pick dizzy because they are like sisters I am so excited for decadents 3i feel like decadents 3 will be my favorite. My favorite person in the cast is dove because I am just like her and me and her are amazing singers I like her song true love and it’s good to be bad. I like Sofia because she is cool I like her song love is the name and It’s good to be bad. I like boobo because he is funny. I like Cameron because he is on a show called Jessie and bunked and he is funny. You all are amazing in decadents you all are cool. Stay amazing.
  • Descendants 3

    By harleyquinn556
    Is it out now bc I need to know so I can watch it!!!!!!!
  • VK are in the House!!!!

    By Twolfman
    Disney has done it again! They made the song that going to be stuck in my head for months. I so excited for the movie😁. This is going to be a epic conclusion to the descendants franchise. I sad to see it go😭 #goodtobebad
  • Amazing

    By breninjustice
    Descendants 3 is gonna be by far the best descendants movie and soundtrack out of all descendants movies! I lied the first... the second was better... and the third is gonna be spectacular so I can’t wait any longer!!!!!!!!!! August must come soon