DNA - Trapt User Reviews

  • Time to reformulate

    By Blimpy Schlavo
    I had high expectations for this album - hoping/expecting they'd return to their roots, I was left ultimately kind of disappointed. DNA is actually pretty far removed from their roots. This album lacks atmosphere instrumentally and depth lyrically. Some songs feel overproduced while others feel underproduced (missing elements). Most of their songs just don't have the "teeth" and sound they've produced on their self-titled and SIC. If you go back and listen to their old music and fast forward to now, these songs are flat and have no dimension to them. A few suggestions is to bring back the flange effect that was used on the guitars from the earlier albums (when Simon Ormandy was guitarist). It gave Trapt an indistinguishable, atmospheric and signature sound. Utilize more electronic sounds - Reborn tried this but looks to be abandoned on this attempt. I know this is going to be a stretch but perhaps hire a ghost writer to create tracks. I know Ben Burnely has been known to write songs for other bands (hint, hint). Trapt's current formula just isn't working. Time to revamp some things. Don't get me wrong, there are some good and catchy jams to be had here but lack the replay value pf their classics. Here's to hoping Trapt can reformulate a new sound for the next album!
  • Wow

    By Hdixyshcfyikx
    Never liked this band until now this is great
  • genric crap

    By mixemup66
    what happened to Trapt?
  • Thank you Trapt

    By PurpleGuitarPicks
    The fact that Trapt is still around making a living is amazing many bands who were established in the late 90's-early 2000's aren't around anymore or are barely holding on. Trapt is still delivering solid album after album.

    By thorn man
    This Rules. Great Job Guys ....I feel this one....Not sure why everyone is whining This is GREAT
  • It's In Your DNA

    By ViperAmpd22
    Trapt delives an incredible album with incredible lyrics, strong and controlled vocals and the instrumentals that follow. The album covers many sounds which makes a good fit for anyone who is a fan of Trapt or rock in general. Easily one of their top albums and they continue to impress.
  • Love it

    By Unoag
    I like it. Great to add to the workout mix.
  • Trapt's sound can best be described as 'slapping taco meat.'

    By TV's Mark Borison
    Not much to say here about these guys. It's exactly what you'd expect. Music and riffs out of 2002. Overwrought lyrics written by someone who appears to have stopped emotionally maturing at 15. It's really hard to try to find decent modern rock and unfortunately, this didn't help me in my search.
  • Pretty Great Trapt album!

    By HardcoreRockFan11
    For the most part, this is a solid release .. A few songs are weaker and disappointing, but as a whole it was worth the prolonged wait. Castaway and passenger are major standouts. Definitely buy it and support em.
  • That guitar!

    By Kornstar89
    Have been a fan of Trapt forever, but the new guitarist Ty really brought change to this new album! Very clean sound to it compared to other albums. He is a great addition to the band!

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