Don't Get Comfortable - Brandon Heath User Reviews


    By Joegublony
    I love Brandon heaths music!! I think he is doing a great thing for God!! His voice is so powerful and AWSOME I only bought two songs cause I didn't want to buy the whole album!! I can play almost all of his songs on my guitar!! Thank you brandon for serving God and being a support to all Christians every where!! God bless ya!!
  • Red sky

    By Jajoka03
    I love this song!!!!! It's amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I know everyone loves I'm Not Who I Was

    By KnoTheDiff
    I have had not an ounce of Christianity put in my life, maybe gone to church ten times in my life, but theres something about Brandon Heath's music that instantly touches somewhere deep in my heart. I can feel straight through the song to my soul and understand every word. I love the song Don't Get Comfortable, but then again I love them all. Wonderful music, great for playing on a road trip or putting the little ones to sleep softly or when you get off work and a bad day. I love his music, would give more stars if it were possible
  • 5
    By Gumballmachine
    Very nice!!! I love the song "im not who i was"
  • Touching

    By Sarah_the_Soprano
    This whole album is awesome. I think every song should be top in popularity. Brandon Heath puts all of himself into every song he sings and it shows how God can touch people through music.
  • Whooohooo

    By josamazing
    Brandon heath is soooo awsome... he has such a great ministry,
  • Cool

    By Born Again Kiki
    I heart this
  • This is such an AHHH-Mazing CD!!

    By BibleMan333
    Brandon Heath is sooo blessed to have such a talent and so inspiring to use it in such a way! You have to agree that he has an outstanding voice after listening to Beauty Divine! I love this CD!!
  • Best song that i've heard so far

    By ImAJesusFreak91
    I'm Not Who I Was, is a truly moving song, it puts me where i want to be everyday. even after a really rough day.
  • Don't Get Comfortable and I'm Not Who I was

    By Moopish
    I actually only have the two songs that are in the title of this review, but they are both amazing. Brandon Heath has a good voice.

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