Douchebag - Deluxe Single - Denis Leary

Douchebag - Deluxe Single - Denis Leary

Denis Leary

  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release Date: 2011-01-11
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 3

  • ℗ 2011 Comedy Central Records

Douchebag - Deluxe Single - Denis Leary Tracks

Douchebag - Deluxe Single - Denis Leary User Reviews

  • All of you ....

    By Learyrox
    are's not a song to win a grammy, just to make fun of all of you.
  • Get back to your roots

    By Graphixman
    Come on Denis.....get back to your roots, and do standup. I HATE it when my favorite comedians decide they want to be known for singing.....
  • Watch the special! Way to go Denis

    By BennjiG
    This song is from a special to help get lifesaving gear for Firefighters. So those who are ready to slam this song without looking into the large picture, well hope you never need help from a Firefighter becuase this song is about you!
  • Hack!

    By Shanekarma
    This special was his hackiest one ever. Between all the stolen jokes and ancient Lindsey Lohan material this is just a fraction of what was the worst comedy special. Dennis will never be able to shine Bill Hicks' shoes. Leary has the biggest non puppet using hack in comedy.
  • You're an A$$hole!

    By Chob
    Please refer to your classic song that still holds true for putting out a song like this. Come on Dennis!
  • Love love love Denis Leary!

    By Unhappy craigslist user
    This is Leary! Love it! Who are these people that are complaining about it? Do they even know who Denis Leary is? His comedy never disappoints, he is my fav!
  • Denis Leary sold out

    By Zangetsu Trulyworth
    At least that's my opinion, Leary hs clearly forgotten his stand up roots judging by his recent iTunes releases. I mean A**hole and Merry F***in' Christmas were songs too but at least they made you laugh while you listened, I listened to the entire preview of Douchebag before writing this and I didn't even chuckle. I applaud iTunes for putting up No Cure for Cancer and Merry F***in' Christmas and hope someday we get Lock n' Load up so we can all listen to Denis Leary the Comedian not this weak attempt at a singing career
  • Sorry but...

    By Wateveruwantit2b
    Dennis Leary yo you are not funny.
  • LAME!

    By scrrrrrr
    I wouldn't even consider this music....this is crap....but hey i got a good laugh out of the preview!
  • Horrifying!!!!!!!

    By tomcin
    That's all, just plain frightening!!!