Drifting (Remixes) - Plumb User Reviews

  • Out of this world

    By Yoyokid345
    Can't get enough of plumb
  • Nice

    By Anthony Iboy
    Coming from one of her biggest fans, this might be Plumb's best recording of her career. Mixin' Marc and Tony Svedja for the win.
  • Love it!

    By iTunesNewBee
    I enjoy the different mixes and the lyrics are phenomenal! I can't wait for the album's release ... hint, hint. :)
  • Can't get enough

    By allen19681
    New song and remix from Plumb? Absolutely! Upon first listen I thought a little different sounding than the previous releases, it's okay. Then after that I have had this on repeat repeat repeat!! Really a great song and remix. Thanks Plumb for remixing your songs, I for one happen to enjoy them; it it wasnt for that and BPM playing your mixes I never would have heard of you!
  • Fear of Tigers Remix

    By Bluepuppydan
    Better than ever - especially the Fear of Tigers remix- very nice.
  • Inspiring and Uplifting

    By EyeOpener2008
    The Loverush UK! Club Mix is my favorite, but all of the "Drifting" remixes are enjoyable and make you wanna move. The beats are hot and the vocals are strong! Thank you Plumb for another awesome and beautiful song.
  • what happened do you guys???

    By pinkman20
    come on tiffany, at least give your old fans one more rocking single, please!!!
  • Great to Have Plumb Back

    By DanceMusicNow
    Great to hear this duet. Plumb has never sounds better. Mike Andrews Dantes Cove I T U N E S