Echo - Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers User Reviews

  • I did not know

    By Peter, mechanical engineer
    Came from Europe, have heard these great songs many times, never knew it was Tom💨. I know now....beautiful, sensitive and truthful.
  • Underrated Petty effort

    By Paigedog
    This album never got much love but it's a solid effort and "Room at the Top" was always one of my favorite deep tracks from the Petty catalogue
  • Petty Continues to be Great!

    By arkcitykid
    Long time fan of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers/Mudcrutch Band, but this album really stands out in his discography, amazing writing...simple and great...
  • The great and underrated "Echo"

    By BulldogBennett
    One of Tom's least known records with hidden gems around every corner. Listen to it from start to finish and relish this band's eloquence and skill. Some of Tom's best writing.
  • Emotional , iconic songs!

    By usmcmayhew
    This album has soul, meaning, emotion and feeling. It has the best of all worlds with Tom Petty. Probably my favorite album. Just amazing!!!
  • Great cd!

    By patrick jordan
    I read that "Room at the Top" was written as a tribute to Beach Boy Carl Wilson. Beautiful song!

    By froggymanchild
    Personally, this is one of my favorite Tom Petty albums. The songwriting comes from a painfully real and emotionally honest place, and the arrangements are exquisite. They songs may not be as instantly catchy as some of his poppier stuff, but-- with haunting tracks like "Echo," defiant ones like "Swingin'" and "Billy the Kid," as well as beautifully contemplative, yet somehow also still driving tracks like "Counting on You" and "Room at the Top," this album has variety, specificity and the palpable depth of Mr. Petty's experience . With each listen, the songs deepen as he pulls you in, soon achieving an effortless sort of intimacy between songwriter and listener - rare on most singer songwriter albums. Mr. Petty should be proud of this gem.
  • Swingin'

    By Dr. Ghass
    This track is amazing and stands the test of time.

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