Evidence - Elevation Collective User Reviews

  • Unfortunate

    By ACE2__911
    I love elevation but they have ruined perfectly good songs... :(
  • Israel Houghton Ruined It

    By Skylarh
    Dude cheated on his wife with the woman he's currently married to. I'm not down with that. Real men don't cheat on their wives.

    By Clebmommy
    This Album is EXCEPTIONAL from start to finish!! Every song puts you in a place of worship and adoration for the Lord. I keep it on repeat!!!
  • Spirit filled!!!

    By Cgrl66
    Elevation Worship is already pretty amazing. However these collaborations breathe new life and Holy Spirit fire into the worship of God! Hallelujah🙌🙌🙌
  • Great

    By 123 este
  • Smooth

    By Jt81mt
    I love this project. What a blessing in those who worship. This type of worship shapes the entertainment word.

    By Nurse0911
    This album is truly a blessing!! All the songs are filled with God’s love and power! I love all the songs 🤗🙌🏽
  • Anointed!!

    By McJack
    I’ve heard all of these songs before, but these cross-pollinated versions have breathed new life into these songs. I listened to this album in full for the first time last night (after a rough week), and the music pulled me into worship and praise and tears. The gospel seasoning (chords, harmonies, vocal runs) reminded me of the pure freedoms that comes in getting lost in worship. There need to be more collaborative efforts like this musically. Bravo. Well done.
  • Israel is back!

    By Abu Zaytuni al-Nasri
    So glad to see Israel singing again and that he is happy with his new wife!
  • Unstoppable God 😍😍😍😍😍😍

    By Lessarlette
    Amazingggggggg God bless y’all

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