Forever, Michael - Michael Jackson User Reviews

  • Forever Michael

    By MarCutie
    "Never Can Say Goodbye" Ill just see you later. Love you Mike.
  • it's sad no one remembers it. such hard work.i love it.

    By j j j b b b
    i heart it
  • Love it

    By True Michael Fan
    We had this album when I was a little girl and I have always loved it.
  • Don't listen to the iTunes review!

    By Nahh.
    This is a stellar album! Incredible in every way. My favorite is Take Me Back, it's so catchy...I love it! Other favorites include Cinderella Stay Awhile, We're Almost There, Dear Michael, and I'll Come Home to You. "Ain't no love in this world, ain't no love in this world without you" <3 RIP Michael. I will always love you.
  • Dear Michael

    By DodgersRaidersLakersJackson5
    You Are The Greatest Person Who Ever Lived. Besides, he looks hot in the album cover =D
  • Mike

    By Manicakes
    Michael Jackson will always be my favorite singer and role Model I am so sad that he died I love him like a dad

    By billiejeanqueen15
    Michael Jackson was one of the most influential and greatest artists of our time. Ever since the sad day of June 25th, 2009 when he died of a intoxication of morphine, Itunes have put out some of the very rare and greatest albums MJ has ever made. This is one of them. It captures the raw talent of a very shy boy who can belt and sing just about anything. One Day In Your Life is one of my favorite songs. He sang it with such passion and I get soo emotional. I think you should buy this, it's one of a kind.
  • Captures the raw talent of the late and great King of Pop, Michael Jackson.

    By MagicalRubberSoulTour
    This album is beautifully sung by Michael Jackson. Michael was at a stage where, people started to notice he wasnt little anymore, and Forever, Michael seems to capture just that. I'm glad to see iTunes is releasing his other albums, and we will finally get to see a more emotional man that gaves us "Thriller" and "Bad". Rest in peace, Michael Jackson.

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