Frontiers - Journey User Reviews

  • Rubicon!!

    By Reckia6
    This is my favorite Journey album. The remastered and expanded version is a must have, as it adds two songs that were originally left off, Only The Young and Ask The Lonely, and would have made it a more commercially successful album. But I have no qualms about the original album at all. It is a very tough sounding album and maybe the coolest album done with Steve Perry. There are a lot of keyboards here but there is also plenty of guitars, bass and rock solid drumming. All of the hits are on the first half, while the heavier and almost progressive songs are on the second half...and Back Talk is all out heavy metal. This song is loathed by several Journey members but I love it, particularly the drum pattern. My favorite song here and also my all time favorite Journey song, is Rubicon. Great heavy riff to this tune, with one of Perry’s best vocal melodies during the verses. Frontiers is an album that will appeal to all Journey fans.
  • Amazing

    By Szar101
    Journey will always be to me the greatest when Steve Perry was the lead singer. A Couple years ago the band was on the Toyota concert series on the Today Show. They were awful without Steve Perry as the lead singer. I grew up on Steve Perry. Being born in 1982 gave me the opportunity to enjoy 80s music which is some of the greatest. 90s music is just junk except for Country. Steve Perry made Journey Journey. When he left Journey just became a joke.
  • Journey's Best

    By CharmingCharles2896
    This is simply the best example of Journey's pure genius, not to mention that this is by far their best album. Can't say enough good things about this album.
  • We need more Journey videos!

    By Franklinfan075
    Frontiers, we want the videos for both Separate Ways (Worlds Apart) and Send Her My Love! Could you please bringing those videos here?
  • Remembering Julie...

    By sophiaspapi
    This incredible album came out the year I met Julie. She was an eighteen year old dark haired, brown eyed Italian beauty, who could play the guitar and sing like nobody's business. She had a smile that could set the night in fire. It was our love for the music of Journey that brought us together. Sophia and I miss you Julsie Boo. We all miss you. See you soon... Julie Ann Montenegro 8/6/65 - 10-12-2007 RIP
  • Chain Reaction

    By DuBois Fatique Syndrome
    That song makes me laugh! So does the video!
  • Flawlessly done

    By kansasman
    I will never forget when I bought this cd ,I fell in love with after the fall and its still my favorite
  • Journey is the reason I listen to rock

    By BodaciousBro
    Journey is my a time favorite band and my favorite album is Frontiers, great band great album. P.S, Steve Perry is the Voice and no one else can replace him
  • still on tour?

    By bob bobblaw
    hard to believe . . . . .
  • This album soldified me as a lifelong Journey fan!!!!

    By englishtim3584
    This album takes me back to my freshmen year of high school. I used to have this LP and I played it until it wore out. One of Journey;s classic album and a great follow up to Escape and it solidified Journey as a major player in Rock N Roll in the 80's. Only the Young, Ask the Lonely, Liberty and Only solutions were added tracks when the CD was released some years ago. The original LP version of the album had 10 tracks ending with Rubicon

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