Full Moon Fever - Tom Petty User Reviews

  • Life long album

    By VintageAmerican
    I Was Raised On Petty! this album is in my scrap book its amazing !
  • a new believer

    By chipster55
    I have never called myself a Tom Petty fan. No reason, just not on my artist list. However, my daughter is a fan and I saw how much she loved this guy so I decided to check it out. OMG I have missed a true gem....and this album is by far, to me, one of the best. It now is one of my best...enjoy!!
  • Classic

    By growing up mccartney
    I have been playing the record for 30 years from cassette,cd now vinyl. Enough said.
  • Full Moon Fever

    By Against1
    This album is Tom Petty's masterpiece. "Love is a Long Road" is probably his most underrated song. 5 stars.
  • Fantastic!

    By Mo Miller77
    Absolutely Fantastic! Save a couple of pounds and buy this album rather than another BIgMac. Much better for your soul and Body! Mo Miller
  • Tom Petty is a L.E.G.E.N.D.

    By Snoutston Hornbark
    In the midst of Petty’s lengthy career, this great album is just a diamond in… a huge pile of other diamonds.
  • Classic Petty Man!!

    By Spanky !!
    When I was a kid I heard this album on cassette hundreds of times. I still love some of these tracks. Maybe the best Petty album ever. It was different than other music of the time. It takes you to a different place.
  • jumped on the band wagon

    By junkie fan
    and joined the dream and still runnin with it
  • Got The Full Moon Fever!

    By Tequayo
    Tom Petty at his best! Several big hits came out of it and a lot of great road trip music in between. Even a bit ahead of its time considering the mileage on this one.
  • Tom Petty

    By Manuel Carlos James
    I Want Download Runnin` Down A Dream I Won`t Back Down And Free Fallin` Download Start 5:00PM To Be Album Full Moon Fever On dell`s iPad