Gold: Greatest Hits - ABBA User Reviews

  • Why did these songs have to become popular in 2019?

    By Bl00862
    I know about mamma mia, but is there another reason these songs became popular this year besides mamma mia?
  • ABBA SLAPS 👏🏽👏🏽

    By VickiLifeP
    abba is timeless
  • Great song

    By 24hdfsyeet
    Love it 🥰 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 my mom loves it and me
  • A huge staple in Sweden

    By turtlemandude
    Grew up in Sweden listening to ABBA and my first job was at the abba museum Djurgårdsvägen
  • muddy too

    By PD in ND
    The songs are good, but this & the "more gold" downloads sound muddy.
  • Great! This is a YAS QUEEN worthy album.

    By Isabella Guerrero
    I have the actual album but not the soundtrack I was like, “[censored], I should have totally bought the soundtrack before I spent spent all my money. I totally regret it. Next time I get iTunes credit, I will have to add a reminder on my iPad to get the soundtrack. I have listened to all the songs before, EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. Made me get up and dance. Totally recommend getting this album if you have not heard ABBA yet. These are all the Golden songs. Just be aware this soundtrack does NOT have Angel Eyes. But it’s too minor to give it a 4 star review. So, YAS QUEEN, GET THE SOUNDTRACK.
  • Jose Jose

    By jorgejorge3143@ail mail vom
  • All of the above

    By #animallife
    I absolutely adore ABBA. There songs are just so inspirational.
  • Music still stands on its own

    By Severma22
    Never saw broadway show or any “mama Mia” movie. The music stands on its own. Does not need any help.
  • Mama Mia!

    By Steveo978
    Just recently saw an outstanding performance of Mama Mia on Royal Caribben's Allure Of The Seas. The cast was amazing and truely did justice to all these great Abba Songs. To my horror I discovered I didn't have any Abba in my iTunes Library. Problem solved. My love for the harmonies and honest lyrics of Abba has been renewed.