Gravity - Bullet for My Valentine User Reviews

  • Disappointed

    By KimbyS
    It’s a lot of money to spend for only two decent songs . It’s such a disappointment .
  • In love 💖

    By Fadwhy
    Really great band!! Keep going guys!💖
  • so horrible...

    By FictionTheRev
    First off, you’ve lost two of the most crucial members of your band on back to back records and still think your relevant? Jason himself is the biggest joke of this entire record. Moose was unique, Jason is a poser. I’ll never take you guys seriously anymore. Don’t even go back to the drawing board anymore just stop while you have no dignity left.
  • Great album. Solid all around.

    By USInfantry75
    I read a few reviews prior to purchasing this album that mentioned things about it sounding different from past Bullet albums. Personally, I feel that it sounds just as good as the others, if not better. Sure, I miss the longer guitar solos, but this album is definitely not lacking. It is easily one of my favorites. There’s not a bad song on it.
  • What the heck?

    By Kaylala030
    So disappointed with the direction of this album: style is completely different from previous songs.
  • Crap

    By dwg1998red
    What's with the bots inflating the rating? This is terrible. Fever was their last good album, but this makes the last two clunkers sound good.
  • Great work bfmv)

    By Arseniy379
    This new album is really awesome!!!
  • Great Album

    By Digitallus
    While a totally new sound to Bullet, the album is great, there are a few head banging parts and while I miss some heavier screams and guitar solos, I definitely love this album.
  • Over !

    By maggot36
    They lost it. It’s stale ! It’s not metal ! It’s blink 182 style music. That’s good if your into that everyone has there own taste in music.
  • Guilty Pleasure

    By Tia Lorraine
    I’m well aware that this album is total cheese. I could understand why some reviewers said that they sound like a boy band...BUT I got sucked into it. Then I downloaded the album. Then I listened to it more than once. Time to get out the crackers and wine, and crank it up!

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