Greatest Hits 2 - Journey User Reviews

  • Timeless Rock Music

    By Keonidude
    Wow. What a collection of hits! Steve Perry is truly the greatest rock singer of all time- just listen to these songs! So many great memories- this is the soundtrack of my youth. Do yourself a huge favor and buy this album.
  • This album is awesome and rockin'

    By Quizgirl27
    Get this album and you'll start getting your memories back when Steve Perry used to sing back in the 70s 80s and 90s too. get this album you don't know what you're missing!!!
  • Steve Perry

    By Tmarina42
    This is absolutely wonderful. I went to two of Journeys concerts back in the day when Steve Perry was with them. Brings back so many memories. Thank You Steve for doing this and thank you for singing with the Eels. We need more! I am definitely buying this Album.
  • Not 1, but 2 greatest hits albums

    By Audiocyde1221
    Just shows you how great a band Journey is. A shame most people just remember them by Don't Stop Believin'
  • Great album

    By Michel890
    I think this is the one they did with Areal singing some of the older greatest songs. It's great, his pipes are so much better than Steve Perry's ever were. Glad to see them back and doing some great new stuff as well.
  • great..but missing a good song

    By bruinsfan714
    this and the first greatest hits compilation are great, but there is a song called "people and places" on departure that is absolutely beautiful and i believe deserves a spot on these compilations.
  • Good Collection, But Could Have Been Better

    By ThePurposeInside
    I definitely like Stone In Love, After the Fall, The Party's Over (Hopelessly In Love), Still They Ride, Suzanne, Feeling That Way, Anytime, Just the Same Way, Patiently, and Mother, Father (I would have preferred the original, but the live one is fine). However, where is Why Can't This Night Go On Forever, Line of FIre, Message of Love, and Keep on Running? Those are some good songs. Plus, it wouldn't hurt to get a few material on here from their earlier albums before Steve Perry joined. Still, it's okay. Not as great as their first hits collection. Plus, why was this made? Isn't there already an Essential Journey CD out there?
  • Kip winger?

    By Richie Zbras
    No one can match arnel's voice today especially kip winger. You're an idiot. Lol
  • Awesome

    By Luke Galloway
    Awesome music thanks for the mysic
  • no steve no Journey

    By gsp4vols
    NO STEVE PERRY NO JOURNEY!!!!!!!!!!!!! kip winger sounds better than the so called singer they have now

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